With a brilliant stroke of genius, here is a housewares item sure to please that is ultimately fun and useful.  Cooking phenom and entrepreneur Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef) presents, fanfare please, the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker, retailing for $30.  That’s “flavour,” the British English spelling, of course.

 Watch Jamie with it in action!

Now that you’ve watched the YouTube video linked above, you get it!  We have been having fun with it here at Gadget Central.  How can you not love the scent of fresh herbs being pummeled to give up their glorious aromas and flavors?  Ah, fresh basil, oregano, and rosemary, and more!  Lots of recipes will get you started and keep you coming back to try more and more, and not just for savory herbs.

Just shake, shake, shake and the ceramic ball inside along with the shape of the interior cavity allows the ingredients to be thoroughly smashed and mixed.  Open to add a bit of oil or vinegar in some recipes and make small quantities of marinades, dressings, salsas and sauces, sweet treats and more, of course.

You’ve seen and maybe already have a mortar and pestle, the product of ancient origins that was first and best to do this job.  However, these are often large and heavy.  There is nothing wrong with large and heavy, only, well, they are large and heavy.  The Flavour Shaker is an alternative and in some ways better as well as more convenient for small smashing and blending jobs. Plus, it’s really fun to use.

You see the little silicone covered spoon in the image above that is for scraping out the mix when it is wet or sticky.  The entire gadget fits together with the spoon inside for easy storage.  Having the product will allow you to more easily do the things that make it so valuable.  It is now so easy to make your own rubs, dips, sauces and all the rest that the Flavour Shaker does so well that it can fundamentally change the way you prepare and enjoy food.

It’s really a gem.  The ONLY criticism I have is with the gasket, the seal that rests in a channel in the lower piece.  It does not always stay easily in place.  I have to watch to be sure that when I twist and lock the halves together that the seal is in place without distortion that can lead to a leak.  I’ve read about users who place a dab of clear silicone caulk as an adhesive to hold it in place.  I’ve not done this, yet.  Just be careful and this should not be an issue.

The Flavour Shaker is easy to hold and easy to shake with the rubbery non-slip grips as you see in the picture above.  Just shake and let the ceramic ball do its job.

There is not much else to say.  It’s simple and it works so well.  Be inspired as was Jamie when he designed this gadget and use it to its fullest.  Be creative, expanding upon the thought starters that are in the recipes linked above.

The Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker is not yet available at retail stores in the US, so hit Amazon.com.  Available in red, grey and olive and in a new stainless steel special edition at additional cost that is not yet available to US customers.

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