American Express Cardmembers have a new reason to love shopping with The Card.  A free browser plug-in for Mac and Windows users works in the background, once installed, to point out benefits while users just shop online.


Working through more than 250 online retailers, all we as members do is shop online normally.  In doing so, offers and bonuses just appear, without doing anything out of the ordinary.


American Express is on our side from search through checkout.  When there is a discount or special offer available, we see the blue American Express icon with an arrow.  Placing the cursor over the icon, the offer is revealed and easily redeemed.  We are also advised by InSite when we directly visit participating retail Websites.  See, nothing special is required!


While any Cardmember can download inSite, offers currently available are geared towards those enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program on Platinum, Gold, Green, Zync or Blue Cards.  What are the benefits?  How about bonus points promotions, discounts and other specials such as free shipping?  This is for now, with InSite in its infancy.  More features and benefits are sure to be added.

Go to to download and install the tool in your browser and sign in securely.  From then on just search and shop using Internet Explorer and Firefox for PCs and Safari and Firefox on Macs.  Get the bonuses, from points and free shipping to discounts, just for doing what you already do – shop online using your AmEx card. Nice touch, American Express!

You’re welcome!

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