That title’s a mouthful, isn’t it?  The title really says it all regarding this new Mundial product line.  Mundial, for most of you unfamiliar with the name, is a well regarded, too little known Brazilian manufacturer of fine cutlery you should look into.  Quality rivals the popular and much more expensive brands Germany has to offer. I have been a fan and customer for many years, and continue to recommend the brand.

With these new FreeStyle scissors (and here), the company has shown its creative as well as imaginative side.  The unique grip design at once appears odd, but using the scissors allays concerns that functionality is negatively affected. On the contrary, whether using the three sizes right- or left-handed tells a story of ultimate comfort and control.

The grip area is cushioned by rubbery material and also provides non-slip properties as well as antimicrobial properties, useful for those who would use these implements in the kitchen around raw meats, fish and poultry.  After all, they are for all-purpose use!

There are three sizes in the line, 8-1/2-inch, 7-inch and 5-1/2-inch length, and all are available in green, blue and red.  The front outer part of the handle designed to accommodate two or three fingers, shown as the lower part above, is a convenient and comfortable landing for the user’s index finger.  This is the gray-colored area.  Looking at the rear outer gray area, this is a resting place for the user’s pinky finger.  Using the scissors in this arrangement provides stability and ultimate control during use.

They are constructed of high quality stainless steel, and, as stated, are very sharp.  Lifetime-guaranteed (not for sharpness), they are also inexpensive for the quality received at suggested retail prices of $19, $17 and $14, respectively.

Are they really that good?  Simply, yes!  I am one who, for many years, purchased a pack of Fiskars-branded scissors as needed at retailers including Costco.  I never really thought about getting good and comfortable scissors, ones that I would care to buy that would last and last and I would maintain as sharp. Not taking anything from the inexpensive, more ordinary Fiskars scissors purchased in the past, I have found that cutting chores, be they simply paper cutting or fine cutting for patterns and other fun is so much easier when the shears are really, really sharp and really comfy as are these and others from Mundial. Who knew?  Maybe it should be, who cares?

As with kitchen knives, once a user becomes accustomed to and develops an appreciation for razor-sharp scissors, it’s so easy to learn to accept nothing less.  It should be noted that sharp knives and scissors are also safer than dull ones, as they rarely slip off the target and an accidental cut from a sharp knife fellas knife (best hutning knife reviews) usually makes a cleaner wound that is more easily attended to and that heals more quickly with less likelihood of scarring.  I’ve never had this issue with scissors, however.  I have, however, had my share of small knife injuries in the kitchen.

Sure, if it would difficult to achieve and maintain such superior sharpness, I would agree that it’s not worth the effort and time. Sending or taking knives out to be sharpened is not only inconvenient, it is expensive.  I learned many years ago that achieving and maintaining shaving-sharp kitchen knives is easy to do and without great cost.  So, too, have I learned that it takes only a minute or so to top-up the sharpness on scissors that I no longer think of them as disposable commodities.

I submit that most of you would quickly find the preference for the sharper way to go than with the ordinary.  In the long run, sharp scissors may save time and certainly save effort.  In the long run, not having to buy scissors again for a lifetime should save money.  Now that you are aware that such inexpensive quality is available so easily, I say, why not!

Now that you are convinced of the quality of these new FreeStyle Scissors from Mundial, how about getting a much better than suggested retail price?  I thought you’d like that!  Mundial kitchen knives and these new FreeStyle Scissors are hard to find in stores, so Internet shopping is the way to go.  I found great prices through Atlanta Thread and Supply  online on all these new items.  My advice is to get several, perhaps combining your needs with family, friends and neighbors into one order and realizing savings not only on the individual items but also on the shipping costs.


Now, how about keeping them sharp in a very simple way?  I have three suggestions.  First, DO NOT use a sharpener that drags along the metal, scraping off, cutting it as it goes, such as AccuSharp, seen above.  These V-grooved sharpeners use carbide (metal) blades to make jagged, ripping cuts along the knife or scissor’s edge.  While the knife or scissors may cut well, the treatment of the metal is, in my view, not conducive toward longevity. In my opinion, they ruin the metal of the knife or scissor, and there are alternatives that do not do this and are every bit as easy and economical to use.

 My preference is to use a sharpener that does not rip across the blade. I prefer in all my sharpening to use diamond abrasives for knives and diamonds or ceramics for scissors.  In the diamond end of the business, get a Chef’sChoice model 490 Manual Scissors Sharpener, shown above and selling for as little as $20 online. Remember, this will last a lifetime!


The ceramic option, though with less flexibility as to proper angle, is a handy little gem from Fiskars called the SewSharp Scissors Sharpener, seen above, for as little as about $4. It’s their model number 98547097.  Look for it at retail cutlery shops or yardage stores that sell Fiskars-brand sewing scissors, or bite the bullet and buy online with shipping charges added.  With shipping I still found it for under $5 online!  Using it is easy. Grip the “button” at the left in one hand between the thumb and index finger.  Next, insert the scissors as if to cut the white rod in the middle.  Then, pretend to cut that rod, opening and closing the scissors upon it with light pressure, back and forth a few strokes.  That ceramic rod will hone the scissors’ edge as you “cut.”  Don’t worry, the ceramic rod can take the abuse!

Let me leave you with some additional food for thought.  If this new design/style is not to your liking, please look at the Mundial line of CushionSoft “traditional” design scissors, available through links here.  Choose one of their featured retailers or a sponsored link on the site.   I certainly want you to think about good and sharp knives for your kitchen, too. Look to the Mundial brand as your go-to brand at the most reasonable price as I do, and see their many lines and styles for the home.  These are heirloom quality to hand down to your children and grandchildren and a very reasonable cost.  For those more interested in low cost, yet professional quality of the type for restaurants and foodservice industries, look here at their MundiGrip line of functional knives with a fantastic, comfortable handle.  The handles are not as elegant as a fashion-conscious homemaker would want, yet these knives are every bit as functional as any other Mundial knives.  Look at the individual knives as well as the sets, and then see the surprising low prices.  Have a look, then decide, but know that whether for personal use or as a gift, any of these Mundial products will stand the test of time and become invaluable tools to the users.

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