This one is a true no-brainer.  My old thermostat was getting a bit cranky, so I looked around to see what was available in the replacement market.  I almost could not believe what I found!

From Lux Products, a name I had not known prior to my investigation, I found their Smart Temp 9000 (also known as the TX9000) for under $60 (retail price).  Since these things last a very long time, $60 is, in my view, not much at all for what I received:


  • 7 individual day programming
  • Easy to reprogram with patented “Speed Dial”
  • ENERGY STAR Compliant
  • Filter Monitor & Energy Usage Indicator
  • Temperature Override and Vacation Hold features
  • Easy-to-read Back-lit screen turns on at the touch of a button
  • Battery Powered (batteries not included)


Installation took all of about 20 minutes for this do-it-yourself project, though some of you might feel more comfortable letting someone with experience do it, or some may wish to hire an electrician.  But, it’s really easy and I urge you to see if you or someone you know can do the job.  Programming was completed in about two minutes, and now, I have a state-of-the art thermostat that does everything you or I could want and it even lets me know the amount of energy consumed as well as reminding me when it is time to change the filter.

This is the kind of home gadget I like – so easy to install and easy to use, as well as effective and useful.

It was even rated a Best Buy by Consumer Reports!

Find it at Ace Hardware, TruServe, Orchard Supply, Yard Birds, Menards, Mills Fleets Farm, Busy Beaver, and McCoy’s or call 1-800-628-4309.  More information is at

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