Hydration bottles, OK, water bottles are not created equal.  To excel in the crowded field, the product has to be better than others.  Hydro Flask is different and better than many others, proven in my tests, and may be just what you’re looking for.

Water bottles are plentiful.  Reusable bottles that won’t leak are fewer among the mix.  Still fewer are those that keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold for extended periods that also won’t leak.  The latter group is where Hydro Flask shines.  There is another category including those vessels that are also quite rugged, if not nearly indestructible.  Hydro Flask is rugged, very durable, and may be nearly indestructible, though they all are completely recyclable.

12-ounce standard mouth

    21-oz Standard Mouth


Above are just two of the many and varied capacities, with different size openings, all the way up to a generous 64 oz Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Growler.

I’ve no doubt that knocking one about with determined effort would dent the outer shell if not damage or even penetrate the inner flask.  Still, I am not deterred. I’ll just be careful!

BPA-free (that’s nasty stuff in some plastics that has fallen from favor and may have detrimental health effects), these double-walled insulated 18/8 stainless steel (18% chromium and 8% nickel, a perfectly fine grade of stainless steel) Hydro Flask bottles have other benefits not immediately apparent.  If you’ve seen other stainless steel bottles or experienced them, you know that they “sweat” when filled with ice-cold water.  You know the surface becomes cold, too.  You also recognize that when conventional single-wall stainless steel bottles are filled with hot liquid, they become untouchable, rendering these not a good choice for hot beverages.  Additionally, single-wall bottles do not maintain temps well, either hot or cold.

Hydro Flask bottles have internal liquid temperature retention properties similar to industrial-looking old-school vacuum bottles, and they do not suffer from sweating or uncomfortable temps to the touch.

So, the functional benefits are simple:  None of the undesirable external ”symptoms” found with other products.   By my tests, hot liquids stayed hot for 12 hours and ice-cold liquid (with ice) stayed cold WITH some ice remaining for 24 hours.

Note from the top photos that the standard Hydro Flask top is a “loop cap.”  This requires two-handed operation, so be mindful of this before ordering. The company also offers pull up sports cap (seen above) for both their standard and narrow mouth bottles.

“Hydro Flask continues to pursue the ultimate beverage bottle with attention to each performance feature. Sustained temperatures, lightweight, sweat-proof and freeze-proof is key. And when you’re done with your Hydro Flask in about one hundred years, drop it in the recycle bin. From the bottle, to the cap, to the best method of keeping its contents, we endeavor to bring you the best product we can.”

Now, it is up to you to decide if this basic form factor is what you want.  Choose from a sports cap or loop cap that screws in and out to reveal the contents.  Select from ($20) 18-ounce or ($25) 24-ounce capacities, and several others, and in several colors.

If you’ve ever used a Thermos or Stanley vacuum bottle, you’re already familiar with the main draw, the same properties of Hydro Flask:  The double-wall construction of these products is the key to maintaining hot or cold for extended periods.  Stanley, Thermos and any other old-school bottles contain a double-wall glass liner surrounded by and suspended within a metal outer shell that provides support and some protection from breakage due to roughness.  These makers also provide similar modern stainless steel construction as on these Hydro Flask products.  However, these others are not as simple in design, as far as I have seen. Besides, there is something to be said for supporting smaller, entrepreneurial efforts such as this.

Care is simple, as stated on the company Website along with other facts detailed in their FAQ.

I like the Hydro Flask products and recommend them to you! But wait, there’s more!  Another reason to do business with the company is their charitable and earth-friendly policies.  The company was founded on a policy of giving back.  (Read about this and other charitable efforts here.)

Use their Store Locator to find a retailer near you OR buy directly from the company through their Web store.  Or look on Amazon, of course.

Get one or more and let me know if you, as I, find something special here. Happy hydrating, with Hydro Flask!

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