I had an epiphany when learning about the Hurom Slow Juicer, currently about $355 with free shipping from Amazon. This juicer is completely different and, in my view, better than the others, the popular ones most of us know about.


I’ve tried traditional juicers that make a racket and spin very fast as they extract the juice.  I thought they were OK, until I did a bunch of research on ninja vs vitamix  and in the process had my epiphany.  I knew the Hurom would be at the Housewares Show in Chicago last month. In preparation, I watched demos online, as you are similarly encouraged through the main Hurom link above.

As you saw in the video demos linked above, the Hurom is a bit slower than others. I had seen and read that the volume of juice extracted would be greater than with the others with which we are familiar.

I found the taste to be richer, as well.  How could this be?  It’s the technology!  Hurom uses a technique called “masticating.”  Don’t we masticate when we chew?  Of course we do.  Other, traditional juicers, even blenders, rip and tear and gnash the fruit, root, leaf or other object of juicing.

Some say this relatively harsh treatment disturbs, even destroys some of the nutritional value as compared to juicing with the Hurom Slow Juicer. I am not a scientist, researcher or laboratory tester. I can only tell you what I believe and give you my impressions.  In this case, juice tasted better from Hurom’s juicer than from a blender or the other “traditional” juicers. In addition, there was significantly greater yield from the Hurom than from traditional “fast” juicers.

I did NOT try juicing oranges.  This did not make sense to me and would have been more work than using a hand juicer or dedicated orange or lemon juicer.  Think about it.  It would be necessary to remove the skin to juice citrus on this or any other multi-juicer.

I discovered that I liked several combinations.  A favorite is one that mimics traditional V8 Juice.  I used varying combinations of celery, cilantro, tomato, beet, and carrot juice to make my delicious concoction.  I added just a bit of RealSalt, my favorite sea salt, and fresh cracked pepper to taste (both from my Trudeau Graviti Elite battery-powered salt and pepper mills, found best priced at Amazon), along with varying amounts of hot sauce to taste. This mixture was absolutely yummy, with rich taste and little salt.  I am not ordinarily a carrot juice drinker, but in this cocktail, it was tolerable.

Another favorite was a combination of apples with seeds (Fuji, Granny Smith or whichever is your favorite), strawberries, blueberries, red or black seeded grapes, and pineapple.  It’s also a treat to drink the rich juices of any of these or your favorite alone, without mixing.

I did not like the taste of juicing leafy greens, cabbage, grasses and other supposedly really healthy blends.  However, I know this is popular and an ideal use for Hurom Slow Juicer.

Assembly and cleaning are beyond easy and quick.  Directions suggest that a thorough rinse is all that is needed, so that is what I did, with perfectly acceptable results every time.

I noticed that it is possible to introduce items just so and develop an output chute that can become clogged with solids.  With practice, introducing less product at a time, I was able to lessen, though not eliminate this.  It was not a big deal, because it is SO easy to disassemble and fix the jam.

Any downside?  If you are in a hurry, you will be disappointed.  If you take your time, you will be rewarded with what I think is the best tasting result.  The occasional clog may disturb some, so be aware of it and get over it.  It REALLY is no big deal and so easy to clear the jam of solid materials.

While on the subject of jams, it is so interesting to see that thin line of pretty dry debris coming from juicing.  This is further evidence of the efficiency of the Hurom Slow Juicer.  Were this not case, the solids expulsion would deliver “wetter” material.

I can see how this could easily become a countertop appliance that would see use more than once daily.

I went “off script” a bit after reading and watching what others had done.  Though NOT RECOMMENDED, I even tried making pseudo-sorbet.   Starting with frozen fresh strawberries and small chunks of frozen banana, I introduced the frozen fruit into the input chute. Out came the strip of masticated frozen fruit.  The “normal” juice bucket was empty.  The frozen fruit strips were received directly into a bowl and eaten almost immediately.  The all-natural strips of frozen, masticated fruit were mighty tasty, believe me.  I added just a bit of Splenda, stirring it all together in a bowl, for even better taste.

Juicing can be a lifestyle for many users.  With the hefty price, I can see the need to make a commitment to juice regularly in order to maximize the apparent value of this purchase. Fortunately, it is so easy to use the Hurom Slow Juicer that this should present no added issues for the consumer.

My short time testing the amazing Hurom Slow Juicer is at an end, and the product has been returned. My experiences with this product were wonderful! Does anyone require a reminder that this and other countertop appliances need a home in your home?  Where will it live when not in use?  Do YOU have the counter space for this and your other appliances?  Just think about it!  Mrs. Gadget is ever mindful of such things and mentions it every time I bring in another countertop appliance to test.

In conclusion, further testing was not needed in order for me to discover what a game-changer the Hurom Slow Juicer can be in any family. It is definitely a WOW! product I am pleased to recommend.  I know you will love it, too.

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