February 9, 2020 – DIY taxes are easy with H&R Block – Premium Tax Software for Mac and Windows. This version includes the capability for federal and state tax prep and filing. Purchase and download as I did from Best Buy (once at the linked BestBuy page, choose Mac or Windows, then choose to download).

According to H&R Block, “This H&R Block Premium Tax software is designed for people who want to be in control of their tax preparation experience and feel empowered by completing their own return. It is a perfect solution for homeowners, investors, rental property owners, or self-employed who have complex tax situations and want to get a big refund.” If yours is even simpler, Premium will be overkill, so look for their less expensive product.

Once purchased, receive a download link with a unique activation code. Launch the software and start answering questions.

Among the earliest prompts will be to download the latest information and forms for your state.

You’ll need last year’s returns in digital format OR hard copy to scan. If you used competing TurboTax software from Intuit, you will be prompted to find your return in your documents folder (the usual place), or if you did your federal return directly through the IRS, you can download the necessary digital files from the IRS by signing on to your account. Likewise for last year’s state return. Sign on to your state’s tax board to get necessary information.

Then, continue answering questions, providing 1099s and W2s. Before you know it, you will be finished and ready to file electronically.

Those with simple returns consisting of a W2 and not much else may be able to file state and federal returns FREEEEEE through both H&R Block and Intuit’s TurboTax.

If your returns are simple, you many also wish to consider TaxAct.

Regardless, there are options that do not have to include paid professional preparation for many of us. Don’t be afraid to explore these options. That’s the message.

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