One of the hits of the Housewares Show was something so simple that makes perfect sense for just about everyone. Fit & Fold is the name and you’ll want a few of these!

For your fitted bottom sheets, each of the four labeled Fit & Fold snaps attach at the corners, identifying which is which for when it’s time to make the bed with fresh sheets – TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, BOTTOM LEFT, BOTTOM RIGHT. In addition, those corner snaps serve as guides to aid in easier folding and storage of the fitted bottom sheets in your linen closet.

For everyone with a full, queen or king size bed, and especially on the larger bed sizes, I’m sure you’ve experienced throwing the bottom sheet onto the bed in preparation to make the bed, only to find you’ve thrown the sheet the wrong way. I hate when that happens! You’ve started to stretch that sheet onto the top, so far so good, or so you think, and then you stretch it to the bottom only to find you’re 90º off. Then you pull it off and rotate it to the correct position.

And then, there is the exercise of folding the fitted sheet after it is washed and dried so it can be placed in your linen closet. Who has not struggled, again, primarily with the larger ones, to place the “pockets” together and try to fold those sheets flat?

Enter the clever Fit & Fold snaps to make this exercise easy. Each cap is a two-piece affair. The outer cap fits on the outside of the sheet. The underside cap with the location labels embossed into then snap into the outside caps with the sheet material pressed between the halves. Each snap stays in place through use and washings and is designed to not rip or tear the sheets.

The snaps not only identify the corners’ location on the bed, they also serve as folding guides making folding easy for just one person. I saw this demonstrated on the show floor by the product’s designer and company founder, Cooper Hipp, who is quite the showman and pitchman. He clearly loves the limelight and he was a demo perfectionist. The throngs watching his humorous presentation nodded in affirmation of their trials at folding and fitting the conventional way we’ve done this, up until now, that is.

Equipped with a set of my own, I put them to the test here at Gadget Central. The snaps go on easily and would seem likely to stay put. And following the simple folding instructions we were able to fold the sheets flat more easily than the way we had done it before. The chore becomes a simple one-person job, even for the deep-pocketed fitted bottom sheets on a California King size bed. To fold, I just joined and snapped the upper and lower same-side corners together, then flipped the together groups held by the snaps, and then folded together at the snap locations. This made a tidy flat-folded rectangle that more easily fit in the linen closet among the other sheets. Mission accomplished!

Please visit HERE and click on the three “how to” links to see how to apply it, fit it and how to fold with Fit & Fold.

Fit & Fold sets are available in eight colors and are sturdily made to last unaffected through washing and drying cycles.

The cost? Each set carries a suggested retail price of $10. Yes, $10 for four corner snaps, eight plastic pieces in all. I suppose one could permanently mark the sheet corners and forego the product, but it’s clever and fun to use. Those snaps really do help the folding routine, as well. I wish the product was sold in multi-packs at a discount, and maybe this will come sooner than later. For now, it’s brand new and exciting and you know how it goes with new products and prices over time. It’s always easier to lower prices than to raise them!

Where can you find Fit & Fold? You’ll see them available directly from the Website. The product launch is April 1. Check the Website for up-to-date where-to-buy info. If you’re an infomercial or TV shopping network junkie, you will likely see them sold there, too.

I have to hand it to Cooper, though. The product is brilliantly conceived. The packaging is excellently executed and the artwork and instructions could not be made simpler to understand. As you visit the Website, and when you see or buy the product, you will notice the unique, yet familiar looking artwork. Its style is as if from the Wall Street Journal, known as hedcut, and this is no accident. It is exactly the classic and classy look they wanted, created by the same artist, Kevin Sprouls, who originated this look for the WSJ.

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