With Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology, Hoover has delivered what others have promised – the first stick vacuum that really works and is worthy of a Mr. Gadget® recommendation.

Part of their new LiNX Cordless Cleaning System, the Hoover Platinum Collection Stick Vacuum, retailing for $180, will pick up as much dirt as an upright vacuum with the convenience of a cordless product.  I clocked run time of just about 15 minutes from fully charged battery to dead.  That’s a long run and lots of cleaning before requiring about an hour’s recharging time.  There is no slow fade or lack of cleaning power like on other products.  This one keeps going strong until it just dies. Fantastic!

This means strong performance, ultimate versatility and convenience between regular vacuuming.  How does it achieve its performance?  It uses lithium-ion battery technology for power and fade-free performance.

Use the new stick vac for those “oops” moments but also with the confidence that it will clean like a plugged-in upright for touch-ups at any time.  When a box of cereal falls off the table or counter.  When craft beads fall from their container.  When the kids trek in with some dirt.  When you want to do some “touch up” between regular vacuuming or before guests arrive.

Why get one?  Come on, you know the reasons.  Sure, you love your regular vacuum, I hope.  But no matter how much you love it, no matter how svelte is its design, it is still a chore to take it out, plug it in and use it, then wrap the cord and put it away.

Fast forward to having one of these.  Whereas you would not do touch-ups with your regular vacuum for the reasons above, you would (as I discovered in my own testing), grab this one to pick up tracked-in debris, spilled dry stuff, do a little cleanup before company and so on because this really works, as well as the real thing (it IS a real vacuum, after all) and without compromise.

It’s small and lightweight enough to use regularly.  It is narrow enough and tilts well enough to maneuver in tight spots and under furniture your regular vacuum will not, cannot go.  I discovered it does a fine job on the carpeted stairs.

The simple, rolling-type switch first activates the vacuum without the brush for use on hard floors.  Keep rolling it and it turns on the brush motor.  That’s it.  Simple.

Cleanup was surprisingly easy.  I was skeptical and prepared to not like it because of unsatisfactory experiences with many other products. I do not like ANY of the products with pleated paper or fiber filters such as the type found in all other stick vacs and in most hand vacs.  They all have to be well cleaned after each use and, and then they must be washed, let dry and replaced. The paper becomes somewhat brittle, is difficult to clean between the pleats and is, generally, a messy job, plus, they clog easily, diminishing cleaning capability of the appliance in which they are installed. The fiber filters, too, are tough to clean well and diminish their filtration capabilities after washing.  They are not designed to be washed, only brushed off.  It’s a lousy design assuring that money will be spent on replacement filters, often!  I DO like, for example, the way all Dyson products (sorry, Hoover, for using the name of a competitor in this review of Hoover products), operate and especially the ease with which they are emptied and the extreme ease of periodic cleaning of their permanent HEPA filters.  This Hoover Platinum Collection Stick Vacuum’s maintenance reminds me of the Dyson.

So, to clean up this stick vac, the bagless canister is removed and emptied, and the canister top comes off to reveal the foam filter.   A quick wash in the kitchen sink with a drop or two of dish soap, squeeze dry and then leave out until the next day is all that is needed.  So, it gets washed AFTER the day’s work is finished.  That foam filter should last many, many years and will not require cleaning with each use.  However, consumers would be wise to do a visual check after a few uses in order to get a good idea for how long it will be between cleanings.  If the mess is lots of dust and hair or typical carpet dirt, it may need cleaning with more regularity.

And because it is a real vacuum with a motorized brush, that means it, too, must be maintained, with attention given to cutting accumulated hair and removing it, as well as any other stringy material and carpet strands that tend to wrap around the brush assembly.

Still and all, I love this stick vac!

Hoover has bestowed upon it a wonderful warranty, as well.  You’ve got to love its SIX-YEAR WARRANTY!  I read it and it’s for real, a gem of a warranty, covering all parts and labor on the vacuum, excluding battery, charger and filter.  NO lithium battery will likely last that long.  In normal use, if this technology is typical of other rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, such as in iPods, computers and other products, expect up to three years of life if properly maintained.

That means charging the battery until full, taking it off the charger and placing it in the stick vac ready for use, and then charging it when it is depleted, not leaving the battery on the charger.  In this usage scenario, it should last for about 250-300 (or more) cycles, though it may do more, or fewer.  I do not know the cost of a replacement battery.

In summary, Hoover has introduced a worthy premium line, starting with this Stick Vacuum and it is highly recommended.

More information is at www.hoover.com or call 1-888-321-1134 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Availability is through www.hoover..com and in Hoover stores and online at Amazon.

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