At last month’s International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, this little gadget, Haley’s Corker, captured my attention by its innovative design, multifunctional capabilities and the fact that it is cheap AND it works!

I met the enthusiastic inventor, sampled wine with and without her invention and was smiling from ear to ear.  Why, I’ve tested aerators and written about what I found to work well, principally Vinturi.


Along comes this upstart and, what do you know?  It works as well as Vinturi, does more and is much less expensive, less cumbersome and messy, too.


It is so simple. Remove the wine bottle’s cork or screw cap, insert Haley’s Corker, pour and enjoy. It’s that simple.

Because it fits the bottle top and has a grid-like strainer inside, it filters the wine.  Its top is an ideal pourer.  Its cap is, well, a cap, re-corker and stopper all in one, and in our experience, keeps wine fresher, longer than by popping the cap back on or re-inserting the cork.  And the wine bottles did NOT leak when stored on their side with Haley’s Corker inserted.

See all the available colors at the company Website.

The cost? Through the company Website as low as three for $21 plus S&H.  Or get as many as eight for $56 plus S&H. What a bargain! Of course, at that price, it pays to buy several so you can safely do what you likely do not do now, which is open several bottles at a time.  Because Haley’s Corker keeps wine fresher, longer after opening, why not get a bunch so you can enjoy several wines without finishing one at a time. Brilliant!  I also found them in red or black at, for a single unit cost of $7 in red. If the deal lasts, I also found it in black from for just $4.49.  Considerable savings and free shipping kick in with the purchase of six or more.

Kudos to Haley’s Corker – a smart and simply brilliant idea, reasonably priced, that works!

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