My girls were blessed with beautiful, naturally curly hair. So, naturally, they seek to straighten if from time to time. Hey, what do I know, I’m a guy!

Over the years Mrs. Gadget has taken them to our local beauty supply store and bought them under-$50 straightening irons, MANY times before, because they did not last very long. Being the inquisitive type, I had to look further into this burning issue. What I learned is that the sub-$40 Hot Tools ceramic flat irons they have purchased are, let’s see, what’s a nice way to say it, er, um, crap. Maybe I expected too much. They are not built with lasting quality. The cords get and stay tangled and twisted through normal use because of the way these tools are picked up and placed back down – each motion naturally produces a twist, and my girls NEVER saw fit to untwist them It seems other parents experienced the same thing. My girl have the best style to, they shop at

My girls requently complained that the Hot Tools irons grabbed their hair, the plates would become disconnected from the base and the device simply failed to operate. Time and again, the same thing, but they kept wanting more of them. Their friends all had this thing. Best Braun Epilators Review on site source.


Hot Tools Ceramic Iron

These models do not perform well and they are not durable, so what’s better? I employed, or is it implored my girls to help evaluate some professional hair straightening irons for me. Ever try pushing a rope? It took a very long time to get them thinking along the same lines as I, so that I could get enough intelligible information for you here, but I finally learned a few things. Here are the GOOD ONES that seem to last. We’ve been using these for many, many months in order for me to be certain of the results.

I don’t mind spending more money for a superior product that yields excellent results and has the build quality to last for years and years.



 Models tested include those from HAI (Hair Art and Information),

Farouk CHI Turbo


Farouk’s CHI models and from Sedu.



Along the way, we also had the opportunity to try several (wonderful) BioSilk shampoos and conditioners from Farouk, plus Chi Turbo hair dryers and more fun stuff.

The first conclusion drawn is that both girls independently prefer narrower width irons, the one-inch or one and one quarter inch wide models. This was surprising because both girls have thick and, during the evaluation period, somewhat long hair, which the iron makers generally suggest should use wider units. I guess it just doesn’t really matter.

Marnie reports: “The Chi turbo was my favorite, hands down. From its sleek design to ease of use, it is the best flat iron I have come across. The heat setting may not show it to get as hot as the competitor HAI brand, but one use and you can see there is something different. You run it along your hair and it literally goes from curly to straight before your eyes. It used to take me an hour and a half to straighten my hair but with the Chi Turbo, less than a half an hour and I am out the door getting reactions that I have never received. People do not believe me when I say that my hair is naturally curly because of how soft and shiny and healthy my hair looks after using the Chi Turbo.”

She went on, “The part that you could potentially touch on the outside is insulated with a red velvety material. It does take fewer strokes and also prevents burns on the face and neck, which has happened to me, or even on my fingers and ears. I used the Sedu and the HAI brand, and both are good. However, the Chi Turbo is compact and VERY easy to use, right out of the box. It is the best out of all the ones I have used!!!!!”

Rhonda, now 16, reports that she prefers the HAI brand with x-inch plates. It heats quickly and gets hot enough so you don’t need to make more than one pass to straighten. Yet, the hair is left soft and silky. However, as with ANY straightening product or any heat treatment, split ends are an inevitability. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, says Rhonda. It’s tiny but mighty. The cord anti-tangle mechanism works just great. She also likes the extra long cord that allows her sufficient room to roam from the bathroom into her bedroom to check out what’s on TV. She has nothing against the CHI, either. It’s just that she has become accustomed to the HAI.

And NOW, I’ll throw in my own two cents on this topic. After watching, listening and cajoling, I don’t see much difference in these three truly professional irons. In truth, I can see they all are made with quality in mind. All have anti-twist cord mechanisms and stout safe cords. The term “ionic” is popular, and refers to introducing negative ions into the process of ironing and to drying. Supposedly, it helps to avoid static electricity and assists in drying. I do not know for certain about the validity of the claims, but then, who am I to argue with success.

It seems to me that paying over $100 for one of these is a bit steep. On the other hand, I can see they will last and can be used by multiple girls in the same household (unless they kill each other vying for dibs on the straightening iron). So, it’s not such a great expense after all. I spent more than twice that replacing the junk time and again.

Farouk Systems was kind enough to also educate me on the topic of hair dryers. In the past, Mrs. Gadget went to the drug store and bought $25 products, replacing them when they wore out. She looked for high wattage – 1800 watts – and lots of blower power. The experts at Farouk Systems told me that’s not the way it really works.

Rather, I was told it’s better to get one that heats with ceramic coils and that maintains constant temperature, and, of course, generates those negative ions. They spoke about what was smoke and mirrors to me – sealing the hair’s cuticle and locking in color. They said the old technology of heating copper coils dries out the hair instead of just drying it. They sent their Chi Turbo model for us to evaluate.


OK, so now I’m a believer. Mrs. Gadget, ever the skeptic, had to admit that even though it’s “only” a 1300 watt model and blows rather quietly and gently, it dries FAST and without so many fly-aways, even for me! They have engineered it, according to the company, to be a low EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) emitter. EMF emissions have been determined to be unhealthful.

It feels like a quality product, unlike those cheap ones we’ve bought in the past. I like that we can have a conversation even while the Chi Turbo is in use.

There’s a high and low blower setting and a cool air shot button, just like on those cheap models, but there the comparison stops, dead! It’s a different world out there in the area of professional hair care products.

Oh, and the Chi Turbo hair dryer is also rated at 1200 hours of use as compared to 500 hours for the average cheap model. It’s expensive, but, after trying it, I believe it’s the real deal and highly recommended. You’ll find them discounted to about $135 online through eBay or at

You won’t find these brands in your average beauty supply store, but you can find them in salons, in professional beauty supply shops and online, so read, learn and search, and don’t be afraid to contact the companies for more information and advice. That’s what I did!

Sedu is in New Jersey at 609-240 6289. Call Farouk Systems at 800-237-9175 and get information about HAI products in southern California at 877-212-8700.

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