This is a happy time for PC and now Mac users.  Now, my favorite site for the spoken word,, has granted my one wish to them from their very beginning.

I asked, “What about Mac users?”  Until now, there has been almost no way for us Mac-preferred computer users to take advantage of the awesome content available at  I have successfully used VirtualPC from Connectix, but it’s just not the same, and not every Mac user has VirtualPC.

So, now, after much haranguing from me for a few years, I am pleased to spread the word that Audible is now Mac compatible using the FREE RealPlayer and a special plugin, both of which are available through the Download Software link at the left side on the main page.  It works beautifully!

Confused? content is now available for desktop and notebook Macs and PCs, and also portable devices.  To get the full story of what is, how it works, who can benefit from, about their content and how to make it portable, click on the link at the top of their home page that says, “Audible?”  You’ll get it!

So, what are you waiting for?  PC and Mac users, go and see what is all about.  You’ll marvel at the selection of best-selling books and the wealth of additional audio content from topical humor to old time radio, speeches and lectures, newspapers and on and on – more than 24,000 hours of downloadable audio.  The prices are quite reasonable for all their content.  Don’t waste time.  I’m a happy customer and you will become one too.  Go there now.  I know you’ll be glad you did.  Then, E-mail me to let me know how has enriched your life as it has mine.

MORE GREAT NEWS – UPDATE – May 30, 2001 –

It was announced today that Iomega’s HipZip Pocket Zip disk device is now audible-enabled through a FREE downloadable firmware update! Huh?

One of my favorite gadgets, Iomega’s HipZip (link to Iomega’s HipZip – portable music player utilyzing under $10, 40MB removable, rewritable and affordable Pocket Zip disks can now be used to transfer not only music and data files, but also content.  One Pocket Zip disk can hold about 12 hours of spoken words from  It’s fantastic! It’s another reason to buy the HipZip in the first place!  It’s easy to transfer content from PC to HipZip.

On a Mac, it’s not quite there yet, as there is no Mac version of the Audible Manager software.  I do the transfers using VirtualPC on my Mac or using the PC.  Either way, content is great on the HipZip and I’m looking forward to using my HipZip in this new way. C’mon, get going and do the work to give us Mac users what we need in order to have the same great user experience as every PC user.

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