The new Audiovox CDM-9000 Web-enabled tri-mode wireless phone will keep dad in touch and connected while he’s on the go, anywhere in the country!Web-enabled?  Yup, this great little phone has a built-in Web browser so dad can send and receive E-mail and search the Web, too.  As this technology matures, more and more will be able to be done with this technology built into wireless phones.  For now, dad can look up sports scores, stocks, news and do some shopping.

This new phone is available for $199 minus a $30 rebate exclusively through the new Verizon Wireless (1-888-466-4646), which is the company formed through the recent merger of Bell Atlantic Mobile, AirTouch Communications and PrimeCo.  One of the immediate benefits is their new single-rate calling plans, starting at $35 per month for 150 minutes, which feature calling from anywhere in the country without roaming or long distance charges (obvious competition for the Digital One Rate Plans from AT&T Wireless).

But, let’s get back to what this cute little phone has to offer.  It’s a tri-mode phone (800 MHz analog/800 MHz digital/1900 pcs) so coverage should be great over most of the country.  Sound quality is excellent.  The screen is large and easy to read, though Web browsing is not as easy and convenient as on your computer.  I especially like the built-in vibrating alert so the user can set it on “stun” and NOT disturb others when a call comes in.  In the interest of safety and convenience, there is built-in voice-activated dialing for up to 10 names/numbers.  What a great feature this is!  Just speak the name of the entry from within the 99-entry phone book and the phone dials the number.  No hands! More services are coming, too.  Two-way text messaging is also part of the plan when all capabilities are fully implemented across the country.

The CDM-9000 is lightweight (just 4.8 oz.) and slim.  Th display features caller ID with name and the ringer can be selected from among 15 options, including the vibrating alert mentioned earlier.  Equally impressive is the generous 190 minutes of talk time and up to 170 hours of standby time with the standard Lithium Ion battery.

Intrigued?  I hope so!  I’ve enjoyed using this phone and I know other dads will like it, too. So, be a good kid and get something your dad will really love.  He’ll have no more excuses for not calling home while he travels on business.

For general information about the Audiovox CDM-9000, visit Audiovox on the Web or call 800-229-1235.

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