What on earth are Gravity Defyer Shoes?  No, not some “out there” sci-fi special effect. These are REAL shoes!  And they are really comfortable!

I found these shoes at a trade show, sold by my old friend Alex (now known as Alex Innovation Wizard) of Gadget Universe, a retailer whose catalog entry you have seen in Custom Orthotics magazines during your recent air travels.  We have known each other for close to 20 years!

Alex insisted that his new shoes are the real deal, different, innovative, high-tech and quite effective, unlike anything else on the market.  I signed up to give them their due.

Let me start off with some personal facts.  My feet are and always have been flat as board, with calluses where most of you have arches.  I wear a size 13 shoe and it has always been a challenge to find “hard” shoes that are comfortable and that offer support.

I pound the pavement at trade shows and while on my many national media tours, traipsing through huge convention centers with their concrete floors, hustling through airports to make my connections and more.

Since my teen years, I have worn custom-molded orthotics that provide an arch and the support that my body does not. In short, it’s not fun wearing dress-type shoes, as compared to sneakers.  I have never been able to wear slip-on shoes because they do not offer the support I need.

I’ve shoe-shopped for what seems like an eternity in search of just the right shoe that is at once comfortable and also affords ultimate support, with my orthotics firmly nested, too.  That takes a shoe with enough depth to accommodate the orthotic and not drive my foot up so high that it just does not work. In some shoes, I have been able to remove the inner liner.

So, you see, I’ve looked around a bit. Name the shoes that are recognized for their comfort and I’ve probably tried them. Rockport, New Balance, Bass, Florsheim, and many others, including Mephisto.  I don’t mind spending up to about $400 for shoes that do the job and that last.

None have been THE answer for me, which brings me to my friend Alex.  I went through my personal shoe tale of woe with him, and he listened patiently, maintaining that his new Gravity Defyer shoes would be the answer I have been seeking, so I agreed to try them.

He, generously, supplied me with several pairs of my own choosing, just so I could sample different designs and styles.  And so it began.

With trade shows and travel about to begin, I began the process.

Quite simply, I was amazed!  Yes, they are comfortable, very comfortable.

Alex’ ads and marketing write-up suggest that the technology will cause the user to feel as if he is walking on air and that he feels taller.

To the first point, I agree. I have never felt such spring in my step.  Quite literally, there are springs in my step (as there would be in yours).  Gravity Defyer shoes contain three special springs in the heel.  The technology in those springs, according to Alex, comes from load-bearing springs that help buildings withstand the effects of earthquakes.  Buildings equipped with this spring technology float out the seismic activity, in a manner of speaking.

Alex has said that wearers will also feel and actually be taller, by up to two inches.  In my case, I had a head start on apparent increased height due to my orthotics, so I will leave this to your own tests. However, it makes sense that wearers, that is, the ordinary kind, should experience a lift because of the added height from the interior springs.

There are many styles from which to choose, enough to satisfy nearly anyone’s taste, to be sure.  In fact, it appears to me that designers of these shoes may have been inspired by the styles of some very expensive competitive models.  The look is very contemporary and the quality seems quite high.

As anyone who wears shoes knows (and that about covers everyone, right?), you can try shoes at the store, or even buy them through mail order, and the first time, they have that fit-like-a-glove feel.  You are in heaven!  And then, you walk.  A little poke here. A little irritation there, and, all at once, those shoes have to go!

Now, it is my personal observation and experience that this is more a female pattern than what I have observed and experienced among men I see and know.  I HATE shopping!  To me, it’s best when I can get in, get what I need, and get the hell out of there.  Better yet, I like it best if my lovely and patient wife just handles any clothes shopping I can get away without doing. Fine by me!

On the other hand, I have spent more time in the pursuit of comfortable shoes than I have shopping for any other item of clothing and maybe even more time than shopping for most electronic goodies.  Isn’t that crazy!

So, imagine my delight at the feeling, day after pavement-pounding day, when wearing Alex’ Gravity Defyer Shoes!  I told him at the outset that I was not going to be able to do a quickie review on his shoes. Imagine loving them for a few days or weeks, writing a glowing review and then finding a problem uncovered only after time.

You know I could not, would not ever do that to you.  Sure, there are some products that are easy to review and really require little time beyond initial impressions. Some products. Not many products. When it comes to shoes, I’m sure you can understand why it is I had to take my time.

Shoes are not inexpensive and, if there would be something really unsatisfactory uncovered after a few weeks and I did not find it, then what good would be my review?

Now, however, I am confident that I am beyond the customary honeymoon period and can say with conviction that I like these shoes and recommend them to you.  If you have “normal” feet, I can only suggest that the degree to which you will love Gravity Defyer Shoes will be quite high.

In my evaluation, my feet do not feel fatigue. My back is not aching from the pounding it gets when wearing other hard shoes.  I had such high hopes for my Mephistos, nearly $400, and even those pale in comparison to the comfort of extended wear with my Gravity Defyer Shoes from Gadget Universe.  Day in, day out, my Gravity Defyer Shoes have become my go-to shoes when I have to wear shoes other than sneakers.

I am fortunate that I get to be a casual dresser on most days unless I am on the road for what can be more than 100 television appearances throughout the year.  When I need to wear “real” shoes, I now my feet will feel comfortable in Gravity Defyer shoes, no matter how long the day may be.

There are only two other issues of interest that I can think of. These are – What is the guarantee with these shoes?  Can they be re-soled (why throw away a perfectly good pair of shoes if all they need are new soles?)

Check out the full like of Gravity Defyer shoes for men and women.  Find a convenient retailer OR buy online.

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