If you’re a disabled person or in any way involved with products, technologies or interests of, for or by disabled persons, you should attend or exhibit at the 15th Annual International Conference Technology and Persons With Disabilities to be held March 20-25, 2000. You’ll find this outstanding and worthwhile event adjacent to LAX at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel and the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. I’ll be there and I hope to see YOU there!

Every year I see all that’s new for disabled persons. It’s all right there within these two venues. See it, try it and buy it. I always find products and technologies targeting the disabled community but still ideal for everyone else. But that’s not all. There are loads of conference sessions covering a wide variety of topicsThis year’s Keynote address will be delivered by Tom Whittaker, who  became the first person with a disability to climb Mt. Everest.   Since then, Whittaker has reached the Mt. Everest summit a total of three times!

Sponsored by the Center on Disabilities at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), this is the premier event of its kind. I am pleased to present this information to you and proud to have been in attendance for at least 11 of the last 14 conferences. Be there!

It is with mixed feelings that I report that Dr. Harry Murphy of CSUN, the man who has poured his heart and soul into this effort from Day 1 has announced his retirement effective March 31.  Harry’s unstoppable enthusiasm and bear-like tenacity has seen this conference grow to the great multi-national event it is today.  While I will miss him and wonder how the Conference will be next year without his leadership, I also wish him the time of his life in his retirement.  When you visit the Conference this year, be sure to look for Harry and give him your expression of the gratitude he so richly deserves.  (Read about Harry’s retirement HERE.)

Take it from the top and learn all about it HERE. Have a look at all that’s available about the Conference proceedings HERE.

For more information, please call 818-677-2578.

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