Dads will love a pair of these Cobra ClearCall Family Radio Service radios so he can keep in touch with family and friends.

Exclusively available at your nearby Kmart for only $69.99, dad will get a pair, that’s right, a PAIR of these radios with up to a two-mile range.  They are the Cobra Model 80-2, equipped with 14 channels, a “Clear Call” alert feature which provides a special tone signaling an incoming call, and even a “Roger Beep Tone” that lets the user know when the other party is done speaking.

I really like the performance of these little, stylish units.  I also like the SuperFlex™ Antenna that won’t snap off.  There is also an included belt clip that doubles as a desk stand for the 80-2.  These units are simple to use, so even dad can use them with ease!  Because FRS radios require no license, dad can use them right away.

To find a Kmart store near you, visit or call 1-800-866-0086.

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