Sure, it’s a peculiar and unusual name, but look past the name because you will love these unique and excellent FoldTuk products and recommend them to others as I am now to you.  For any occasion, these are great gifts available in a variety of colors and useful sizes and shapes!

FoldTuk has many of the properties of tough, heavy-bodied ceramic cookware in addition to the best of silicone, and more.  Their products collapse for storage, expand for use in conventional, convection and infrared ovens (up to 500º) and leftovers can be stored with their sealed lids in the fridge and freezer.  And then leftovers may be reheated in the oven or microwave oven!  No other products can perform as do FoldTuk because no other products, when the cleanup is done, can collapse so fully for storage, as can be seen above.  Speaking of cleanup, FoldTuk bakeware has natural non-stick properties, so cleanup is easy, whether by hand or in the dishwasher.  Watch their video!

The base of all but the roaster is of proprietary Ceramber material with the durability properties of ceramic bakeware.  The collapsible body is also unique in that it is transparent to easily see the contents, yet sturdy enough to hold its shape better than any silicone bakeware I have ever seen or used.

The FoldTuk 3-in-1 Roaster, seen above, has a stainless steel base, with silicone collapsible sides and silicone-over-stainless steel on the handle areas at each side.  Equally capable of roasting fowl, as you see the fully dressed 16lb turkey above, or the roast of beef, lamb or pork of your choice, the roaster does a great job.

Earlier this summer, I decided to try the roaster, provided by FoldTuk for my review, as were other FoldTuk samples.  Turkey is not just for holiday time, so I decided to try turkey in July!  One method I love is what is sometimes called the two-hour turkey recipe, distributed widely by Safeway grocery stores and their other captive brands.  It’s a high heat affair that usually results in lots of splattering and smoke, making one appreciative of self-cleaning ovens.

For my initial experience with the new FoldTuk Roaster, retailing for $80, I dressed the turkey as specified in the Safeway recipe, only instead of a conventional roasting pan, I used the FoldTuk Roaster and its domed, loose-fitting lid.  The lid held in the moisture and prevented splattering.  The turkey browned as usual.  Cooking at 475˚ resulted in the speed I wanted with the bonus of no mess in the oven and an extra moist bird.

Cleanup was easy, but it took just a bit of extra work to remove the mess inside the Roaster that was the result of the high-temp cooking.

What cannot be seen well in the photos above is the expanded base, there on the left.  You can see the well extended below the mid line.  This is the fully open stance in which the bottom forms a sort of roasting pan.  No rack was used nor does it seem needed.

While the bird was in the oven, I still checked to be sure it was not burning on the wing or drumstick tips.  I covered the breast with foil part way through the process to prevent it from becoming too dark.  I cannot overemphasize the juiciness of that turkey, all due to the domed lid of the FoldTuk Roaster.  Nor can I impress upon you the lack of mess that otherwise would have been all over the inside of my oven.

Once out of the oven, I removed the lid and covered the bird with foil as the recipe suggests, letting it rest.

Removed from the roaster, I also removed the drippings to make my gravy and to also clean up the base.  Now, with the roaster base cleaned from its juices and debris, I collapsed it and used it as my generous-sized serving platter at our table.  Its large base provided all the space needed to present my carved light and dark meat along with the whole drumsticks and wings.

After the meal and after final cleanup through the dishwasher, I collapsed the base, set the domed lid on top, squished down the lid and stored away this amazing roaster in less than three inches of vertical space.  In fact, I’ve put a stack of three nested saucepans on top of the FoldTuk Roaster.  Now, that’s space efficiency!

Since that first foray with the Roaster, I’ve used it to cook a delicious brisket with roasted potatoes and veggies and a leg of lamb, both with perfect outcomes.  The brisket was made with the lid off and the leg of lamb was done with high heat and the lid on.  What can I say?  I’m hooked!

I appreciate so much that the FoldTuk products perform so well AND that they all stack in so little space without the clanging and banging of traditional bakeware.  You all know what I mean – the Pyrex and Corning products, fine products they are, that take up so much space and can shatter if dropped.

The other assorted FoldTuk pieces all fit nicely into daily life here at Gadget Central.  We’ve prepared so many recipes!  They have ranged from brownies and cake to pasta and rice dishes.  I’ve tried veggie casseroles and potato dishes, all with totally satisfying results.  Leftovers get the lid on the FoldTuk and store well in the fridge.  I made chili on the stove and poured leftovers into a FoldTuk, snapped a lid on it and put it in the freezer.  Then without defrosting, I put it in the microwave to thaw and re-heat.

Exclusive of the Roaster, all the other FoldTuk pieces are not used for cooking with the lid on.  That’s for storage only.  When I’ve needed to cover a piece of FoldTuk while in the oven, aluminum foil does the job nicely.

I have never seen nor enjoyed another line of efficient, space-saving, easy cleanup, darn near indestructible cookware/bakeware as I have these FoldTuk products.  There is just nothing like it.

Now, with all I’ve put you through in reading my review, I hope you will be encouraged to get FoldTuk pieces for yourself or as a gift for friends, loved ones, as wedding gifts and more.  I even read of someone who lives on a boat who appreciates the utilitarian value and space savings it affords aboard ship.  And how about those of you who spend time on the road in motor homes?  Well, you get the idea.

While I cannot speak to the science of the product, the company indicates that FoldTuk is made of a proprietary food grade material called CERAMBER ™.  I have no concerns about the safety of my food when I am using FoldTuk products.

Please take the time to fully explore the company Website.  When you are ready to buy, search online at Amazon as it appears they have the entire line of sizes and colors, oh yes, colors!  Discount prices are there, too.  Feel free to shop online and compare.  What you will not find yet is the FoldTuk line at your local retailer, as far as I have been able to determine.

For more information or questions, call the nice FoldTuk company personnel at 1-877-FOLDTUK.

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