An ultimate gift for the person (most likely a guy) who loves flashlights is the Pelican 7060.

This is THE official tactical flashlight of the Los Angeles Police Department, developed in partnership with the LAPD. The torch packs a wallop!  It’s a high tech work of art that just happens to be among the best, coolest, most powerful flashlights I’ve seen that is still somewhat affordable, selling for about $150 online including the home and auto charger.  Its powerful 4.4-watt LED cuts through the night with amazing brightness and focus, even at long distances.

This is a product that is of the highest quality and rugged enough for its intended police work.  A nice, tight beam carries all the way out, with a secondary ring of light that illuminates nearby areas up to 12 feet out.  The dual switch design makes perfect sense – one in the tail cap and one on the body.  Maybe it’s a guy thing, but lots of my friends are eyeing one of these and I am sure, in short order, many will also have purchased one for themselves.

Brilliant!  No recipient will be disappointed with the performance and design of this flashlight.  Oh, my, is it something!  The BIG BROTHER to the 7060 is also available.  It’s the 8060 and it’s just MORE of everything – more power, longer run time. Buy from Amazon.

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