Lucky for us all that there are so many great DVDs to buy or rent for dad!  If you’re totally stuck for a gift, have a look below.  If dad does NOT yet have a DVD player at home or, at least in his laptop Mac or PC, then get him one.  Prices below for DVD purchase are retail.  Shop around, such as at and find titles dad is sure to like.  To get you started, have a look that these ideas:

Most dads will love the just-released John Wayne classicsNorth to Alaska, The Big Trail, The Comancheros and The Undefeated – for the first time on DVD.  Find these and more at   Each title above is $20, while the four-movie set is packaged at a price of $50.

For Dad’s who like David Lynch, stop by to order a subscription to the site’s original content offerings or cruise by the store to pick up the newly released Eraserhead DVD.  Contained in custom designed packaging, the DVD features extras including unique interviews with Mr. Lynch discussing the film.  Also offered is a DVD of Mr. Lynch’s Short Films, which includes: The Grandmother, The Cowboy and the Frenchman and The Alphabet with a custom booklet.  Both DVD’s are $39.94 + shipping and handling. If you want to introduce your Dad to David Lynch’s musical side you can also pick up a CD of his band “Blue Bob” for $19.96 + shipping and handling.

For an ultimate gift for the dad (and family) who enjoys, as I do, watching DVDs at home, I mean REALLY likes to watch DVDs, I have a favorite suggestion for everyone.  Click on and get a $20 per month subscription.  That gets you an unlimited number of DVDs, three at a time.  There is never a late fee.  Content is much more than just movies.  Turn them around fast and it is possible to get as many as, oh, I guess, nine deliveries a week.  Watch, return the next day. They get the return the following day and send out up to three more that day.  Repeat.  Now, I don’t know anyone, that is, anyone with a job, who can watch up to three movies every other day, but it IS possible.

Each title comes in a Tyvek® mailer that doubles as a pre-paid return mailer. The company has been growing, and, last year, added more distribution centers, cutting down on turnaround time.  I can’t say enough about how much I like and recommend  This truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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