The following came across Mr. Gadget’s desk from Johanna Denize, The Clever Travel

Check out her travel-safe tips AND line of pickpocket-proof garments.  Thank you, Johanna!

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And now, advice from Johanna:

The larger the crowds, the more tourists flock together, the
greater is the incentive for professional thieves and pickpockets to join
the crowd. About 400,000 travelers have their pockets picked each day around the world. It is a huge problem for the travel industry and one that ruins
countless vacations. With the London Olympics coming up, UK police say
pickpocketing will break all records with thieves rushing in from all
parts of the world.

But stay calm, there are precautions that can be taken. “Well
prepared travelers will be able to steer clear of mishaps”, says
Johanna Denize, founder of the Clever Travel Companion’s pickpocket
proof travel gear.

“Travelers are well advised not to put wallets in a back
pocket. Cameras should not be flung over shoulders
or purses causally hung across backs. Those are prime
targets and can be pulled or cut off in less than a second.
Another piece of advice is to always separate valuables; put one credit card,
an ID and some cash in one pocket and another credit card and a little
cash in another pocket. That way, if a traveler is pickpocketed, he or
she will always have back up means.” More advice on how to stay safe
this summer and on all trips can be found on the Clever Travel
Companion’s blog.

To stay extra safe, Johanna recommends that travelers hide away their
most essential valuables, not everyday money for coffee and ice
cream, but the things they simply can’t afford to lose.

At a product line of pickpocket proof
garments is available for hiding valuables; underwear, t-shirts and
tank tops with secret, hidden zippered pockets that no pickpocket, no
matter how skilled, will ever get. The pockets fit passports, cash,
credit cards and even cell phones with ease. The pockets are placed
for comfort. The gear is perfect for crowded areas where pickpockets
operate freely. With all a travelers’ valuables safely hidden away,
there are fewer victims for the thieves to rob.

And to top it off, there is no way a traveler can accidentally drop or
misplace money or other valuables when they are securely zippered in.

The Clever Travel Companion’s line of travel safety garments:
underwear, t-shirts, tank tops and long johns with secret, built in
pockets come in sizes from XS to XL, in multiple colors and in cotton
and modal. They retail starting at USD 24.90. Shipping is free on all
orders over USD 50 for both domestic and international orders.

By hiding valuables in these invisible pockets travelers
can relax and enjoy trips without worrying about being
pickpocketed or losing their money.

The Travel Companion’s pickpocket proof gear is sold at and on and on

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