2nd Story Software got my attention with news of free tax prep software, so I thought I’d pass it along to you!  Visit their Website and download TaxACT ’98, the standard version, which should be all that most home users will need.

Over 80 forms, schedules and worksheets are offered.  Of course, the IRS forms themselves are also available for free and online, but TaxACT does all the calculations for you.  Data can be entered line by line, or filled in automatically with the Q and A interview guide.

State modules are available for $12.95 each.  Information from the Federal returns is automatically transferred to state returns.

Electronic filing is available for $7.95 per return (five return maximum).

Additional features and capabilities are available in the Deluxe version available for $9.95.  Details are online.  OK, so it’s not as complete as TurboTax or MacIntax, but this one’s free and worth checking out.

The software package is available for Windows 95/98/NT4.0, but should perform just fine under VirtualPC or SoftWindows on PowerMacs powerful enough to run the emulation software!

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