We’ve all had the experience with hands-free faucets in restrooms, and some are frustrating and do not operate. Here’s a cool new one, for the kitchen, that works, is beautiful AND ultimately functional – Pascal Culinary Faucet by Brizo.

They call it Smart Technology, but to me, it just works – hands-free and touch-control technology. Users can turn water on and off by simply tapping almost anywhere on the faucet or by placing their hands, dish or other utensil under the spout. This is the first time a faucet manufacturer has brought this type of electronic technology into the kitchen.

Pascal is like having a personal assistant because it makes cooking and cleaning easier and more efficient.  I think it can change the way people who are serious about cooking work in the kitchen. It’s highly precise, intuitive technology is extremely user-friendly and it is very reliable in contrast to electronic faucets found in commercial settings such as airport restrooms.

Beyond ease of use and convenience, using Pascal reduces mess and bacteria in the kitchen. Cooks who are handling foods such as raw meat do not need to worry about contaminating the faucet, as hands need not touch the spout or handles. Pascal also conserves energy and water: users are less likely to leave the water running. Less hot water used means less energy consumed.

The spout end releases with a twist and pulls out on its extension so, with hands not immersed in raw meat, users can hold and direct the water wherever it’s needed. With the high curved spout, it’s east to fill those deep pots for boiling pasta and for making fresh soups.

Simple and effective. Just the kind of high tech gadgetry I like!

You really have to check this out for your home.  Pascal Culinary Faucet by Brizo is priced from $700-$1100, depending upon the finish.  Online, visit them at www.Brizo.com or call 877-345-BRIZO (2749).  To see it in the flesh, find a select showroom near you through the Brizo link above and find great prices on the Pascal BRIZO line from Amazon.

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