Clean teeth, it’s not a very exciting thought.  Though it may not get you up on your feet and whooping it up, we all know how important it is to practice good dental hygiene.

That said, I’ve got one of the answers for you.  After months of testing, I’m ready to report.  In my view, and as a result of my own personal testing, the most important single thing you and your family can do is to brush daily (and properly) with a Sonicare toothbrush.  Wow!  This thing works.  It REALLY works.

As has probably been your experience, I’ve seen the Sonicare product at the store, and I’ve wondered just how good it can be.  I’ve figured that the price, about $100 more or less, depending upon the model, and thought about the expense.  Do I really need it?  I use a really good toothbrush, the Radius.  I brush well and get good checkups at my twice-yearly dentist visits.

The only thing that is consistent at my checkups is the buildup of hardened crud on my teeth, especially on the backside of the lower middle teeth.  The dentist explained that, despite diligent flossing, these teeth are bombarded with a fresh flow of saliva from those two little squirting ducts located on either side of that vertical piece that attaches from the floor of the mouth to the under side of the tongue.  Go ahead, have a look in the mirror and you’ll see two little holes. Similar ducts are in the cheeks near the rear upper teeth.

My dentist said these are the areas hardest to keep clean.

Since beginning use of the Sonicare immediately after a visit to the dentist, my teeth, ALL my teeth, are really clean.  After each brushing, my teeth feel as if I have just had my teeth professionally cleaned.  My gums are firm and healthy, too.

Sonicare has given me a perfect report from the dentist on my most recent visit.  This can be directly attributed to the superior cleaning Sonicare provides.  Those troublesome areas – CLEAN!  Gums firm.

Sonicare is a sealed “handle” with rechargeable batteries inside.  The batteries are charged inductively (without direct or exposed electrical connection) when Sonicare is placed in the charger base, so there is no danger of electrocution.

The brush head attaches simply to the handle and vibrates at 31,000 strokes per minute.  The super fast brush vibration along with the sound waves generated blast away the plaque bacteria, keeping it from accumulating.  It’s really quite ingenious!  Though the brush head may look unchanged over time, it is recommended that it be replaced at six-month intervals.  Different color rubber at the brush base distinguishes YOUR brush head from that of other family members, so the entire family can use just one Sonicare system – One Sonicare base with different brush heads.

The vibrations may be a bit off-putting to some users for a few days.  It tickles!  But, work through it and any discomfort will fade.

The push-button switch turns on Sonicare for a pre-set two-minute cycle.  Every 30 seconds there’s a short tone and momentary interruption.  This is the way the manufacturer reminds users to move to another area of the mouth.  In my experience, it takes a double cycle to do the job well.  (Some might attribute it to my big mouth!)

With Sonicare, the procedure is to NOT brush your teeth.  It’s important to let Sonicare do the work.  Move the brush head along the teeth slowly and methodically.  Following directions is important.  I learned that Sonicare does its job best (due to the sonic technology) when there’s plenty of saliva in the mouth in the area of the brush head.  In other words, don’t spit so much!

I hope I haven’t grossed out any of our readers, but I think there’s no other way to describe this wonderful product without getting a bit graphic and personal.

Simply put, Allstar Dental Academy recommends buying and using Sonicare for the best dental checkups ever.  It does as advertised and will exceed your expectations.

Please visit their Website HERE for more information and for a list of retailers or to purchase on line.  All the technology is explained!  You can also call them at 1.888.BRUSH.96 (1.888.278.7496) for more information.

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