Doesn’t everyone already know that a Netflix subscription is a terrific gift?  Apparently not, so accept this reminder, please, of the gift of Netflix.

I’ve proudly been a Netflix subscriber since the service began and have never been disappointed. Not once. I load up my queue and wait for the magic, that is, for the arrival of my DVDs in the mail.  It’s usually one business day from the time they receive one back from me until the next one arrives.

Netflix is one of my all time favorite things ever!  It has brought incalculable joy from movies and TV episodes AND provided an ongoing education to everyone in my family through the many documentaries we’ve seen.

And now, I love Netflix even more because more than 12,000 movies, TV shows (including current season) and other content are available for immediate viewing on PCs and Macs as well as via TiVo and Netflix Player by ROKU (read my review), to name a few options.  Our daughter is all set to watch online in her college dorm room viewing on her MacBook.  We all enjoy watching at home through the various means.

With the unlimited online, instant-viewing capabilities, we have enjoyed titles we otherwise would not have even considered.  We feel like giving a title a shot and start watching.  If we don’t like it, we quit and move on, also instantly.  No waiting for DVDs in the mail.  That’s a great unlimited service and all at no additional charge on accounts at a level of $8.99 per month and above.

NEVER again will you or your gifted one have to say, “What should I do tonight” because there’s always something to watch with a Netflix account.

I know that most of us think about watching movies as entertainment. However, with our Netflix account, I have watched more documentaries than I ever would have otherwise watched, and most of those have been via instant view.  I’ve seen many of the outstanding Ken Burns specials first run on PBS, and so many more.  I’ve gotten an education from them as well as being entertained.  As I travel about the country, I fire up my laptop and frequently watch what I want, when I want in my hotel room and never have to pay extra to the hotel for the privilege!  I even watch in airports as I wait for my plane.  It makes waiting at the airport almost but not quite tolerable.

Watching online via the ROKU box or through our Series3 High Def TiVo has allowed us to watch some of the streaming videos also available in High Def.  The procedure is very cool.  I go online to my Netflix account, then click the Watch Instantly tab and browse to find something of interest.  Then, I add it to my Instant Queue and arrange the order to my liking.  Next, I can click to watch NOW on a computer OR I can go to my Instant Queue through my “box” that is connected to my High Def TV (or it could be connected to any TV) and call up my queue that way. Click and I am watching the video over my broadband service.  Yes, it is that easy.  I can delete from my queue when finished right then and there and move on to any other selection in my queue.

Netflix also offers Blu-ray DVDs at an additional monthly fee.  Details are on the Website, of course.

What else can I say?  Who wouldn’t want such an outstanding gift that is the prefect fit for everyone?

Rates start at $4.99 for a “limited” plan of one DVD out at a time, and only two per month. Unlimited plans start at $8.99.  See the Website for details.  Netflix delivers unlimited movies by mail or instantly to your computer or TV through several Netflix-ready devices including the ROKU mentioned above and certain TiVo devices (Series3, HD, and HD XL), in addition to Xbox 360, LG BD300 Network Blu-ray player, Samsung BD-P2500/BD-P2550.  Instant viewing up to two hours per month is available on the basic $4.99 account.

Please do look at and try Netflix for yourself and your family.  And please do give Netflix as a wonderful gift to dear ol’ dad and your dear, accomplished grad.  They’ll appreciate you for your thoughtfulness!  Now, go to and give that gift!

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