Go ahead and giggle.  It is funny, but Foot Flush really does make flushing your toilet at home or at your office germ-free and hands-free.

This $30 device is actually a mechanical remote control that lifts the flapper in your standard toilet when your foot presses the activator that sits on the floor. You can still flush with the handle even with Foot Flush installed.

Available in both the classic-style oval floor button and in a cute Fun Foot Flush model, Foot Flush sits on the floor at the side of the toilet near to the front.  A cable runs from the device through a clip that hangs on the back of the toilet tank under the lid.  A weight hangs from the end, into the water.  Near the bottom of the weight is a short length of material with an alligator clip on the end.  The alligator clip is fastened to the flapper chain very close to the bottom, where the chain connects to the flapper itself.  Now, when the Foot Flush is pressed, the cable pulls up on the weight in the tank, which pulls up on the flapper chain and the toilet flushes.  It’s that simple, and that effective.

According to the manufacturer, the product is designed to last through nearly one million flushes, so, go ahead, flush!

In addition to the obvious benefits, Foot Flush should also be considered as a way to help those suffering from arthritis and other disabilities as well as anyone concerned about hygiene.

Buy Foot Flush at www.footflush.ca, and for much less from Amazon (for the Classic) and Fun models.)

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