If you love your morning coffee, tea or other flavored hot drinks, this new $170 Flavia Fusion Deluxe will make a grand addition to your kitchen AND save you some time and money!

At this year’s International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, held March 11 – 13, Flavia is showing this, their latest edition of Fusion, the Deluxe model, and I’ve been taste-testing a product sample. And, I might add, loving it.

I first tried Fusion last year. Loved it!  This Deluxe model adds real stainless steel accents to the design, a visible from the outside water level and a button that allows the user to add hot water to coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Of course, you could also add hot water to whatever you want to make in that cup.

What the company has not changed is their system. It’s the no-mess way to create these drinks in the first place. Their proprietary packets of coffees, teas, wellbeing drinks, flavored toppings and other delectables are noteworthy because of the no-mess method with which they are created.

Just open the door, slide in the packet, close the door, adjust the height to the cup below, select the drink size and then select what it is you want to make, either a single packet drink, a double packet beverage (such as lattes and cappuccinos) or the add hot water button and press the button.  If it’s a one-pack drink, you’ll see when it’s done.  If it’s a two-bagger, you’ll see when you need to swap packs and then when it’s ready.

My family loves it and you and yours will, too.

NO mess. NO cleanup. The device punctures the top of the packet, then pressure opens the bottom and the hot water flows through the packet into the cup below. In this way, there really is no mess to clean up between drinks, and no residual flavors from the last drink that goes into the next one.  Just toss the finished packet. When making teas, coffees and wellbeing drinks, the beverage is brewed in a flow-through method, with the pack filter pack inside the Fusion’s drink pack. It’s a smart design!

I figured it out. The cost for coffee is as little as about 41 cents per drink, teas at about 40 cents per cup, for example, so you’ll save money, too, over going to those expensive coffee or tea places, and you’ll also save time. Instead of waiting in line and making a possible detour to get there, enjoy your hot drink at home or take it with you as you leave.

The updated design of the deluxe is fresh and welcome, not that the originals were bad, but they do not have the hot water button!

This model is available at Bloomingdale’s and from Bloomingdale’s online.  More info is at the company; www.myflavia.com, where you’ll want to go to check out all the great beverage selections that are available.  Check it out, but I warn you, you’ll want one!

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