Battery-operated flameless candles from a Canadian company called Candle Impressions are spectacular!  Their candles, from about $13 to about $43, don’t drip, last forever, are safe wherever they are used including where you would or should never use a candle with a flame.

They’re made of real wax with an electronic heart. The light comes from LED technology and a patented circuit that simulates the flicker of the real thing.  Place them in baby’s room, student dorms (with permission), near curtains and heat-sensitive art or other irreplaceable items.  They’re completely safe for use EVERYWHERE!

I placed a couple of them in our bedroom, one nine-inch, one six-inch, and waited to see the reaction of the long-suffering Mrs. Gadget.  She was fooled at first. Then she was impressed.  Sold!  These flameless candles have a very high WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

It’s all good with no downside. The batteries last a very long time, in small models using AAA cells around 100 hours, to as much as 1000 hours on larger styles!

Make no mistake; Candle Impressions products are the finest available.  No others have the same realistic look to them. In keeping with my mantra to buy quality products, get this brand and pay no more than any imitator’s inferior products

Check out my new favorite models – pillars with not only long run times but a third position on the switch – a 24-hour time position.  This is most clever.  Let us say you want to start a candle in the late afternoon as darkness descends, perhaps at 5PM.  Set the switch to the 24-hour position. The candle illuminates and stays on for about five hours, automatically switching itself off.  Then, tomorrow and every day, the candle switches on at about the same time, remains on for five hours and switches itself off.  With up to 700-hour battery life, this cycle is good for up to 140 days of operation with hands off on the models with longest battery life.  That’s almost five months.  Then, all you do is change the batteries.  We really like this feature and count it as our favorite in their new line.  We’ve got beautiful candles that just go on by themselves all over the house.  It’s beautiful. 

Another favorite is their line of wall sconses.  With a 450-hour run time, these candles hang on the wall and come with an easy on-off switch.  Really, what is not to love here?  These won’t catch the drapes on fire nor deposit soot on the wall.  They’re the perfect night light for a long hallway.

And speaking of night lights, I think these would also be useful in the event of a power outage.  West coast, east coast and in America’s heartland in the middle of the country, we all have occasional and not so occasional power failures.  Candle Impressions products could be very helpful in these extraordinary times.

At the holiday season, there are so many choices for you and as gifts!  Save BIG at their OUTLET STORE!

How many hours will a comparable-sized real candle burn?  Certainly nowhere near as many as just one of these on one set of batteries.  And remember the other benefits; no soot, no danger, they never wear out, they are totally safe.

To me, it’s a slam dunk. These things are brilliant!  Would you leave a real candle burning when you leave your house or apartment?  I hope not!  Go ahead and leave these “on” with no danger, yet with the same ambiance when you return.

I think you get it. Now, get them!  Worry-free candles, from Candle Impressions.  Beauty and ambience every day throughout the year with candles that last forever.  They make great gifts and are ideal for your own home.

Get them, but not all the different types, at Bed Bath and Beyond and from these stores.  Here’s an online store with most of their products.  For more information, contact the company at  Check out all their innovative designs, both scented and unscented. It’s a dreadful Website that, at this writing, is difficult to navigate. However, their products are so wonderful it is worth the effort to look around and discover all there is.  Also, do not hesitate to email them through this page:

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