We’ve all experienced it, the dreaded blackness after the “pop” sound when coming into a dark room and flipping on the light switch.  We know what that means.  The light bulb just blew.  That momentary little burst of light is all you get.  Now, it’s time to change the bulb.

I don’t know about you, but this always seems to occur at the least convenient time, such as when it’s totally dark and my arms are loaded with stuff.  The last thing I want to do is stop and look for a bulb so I can replace the blown one.  Of course, it’s really fun when it’s in a location that’s out of reach and I need to get the step stool or ladder for the job.  I HATE when that happens.  Do I have any extra bulbs on hand?

Well, forget about it. Philips Lighting Company’s new line of Marathon™ Household bulbs, guaranteed to last five years is the news we all need.  It’s true, and I’ve been testing several of them for many months.

Most bulbs last about six months or 750 hours.  These new Marathon Household bulbs are guaranteed for AT LEAST five years or 6,000 hours!  You’ll probably get more.  The secret is inside.

The Marathon Household bulb is the first compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) with the look of a standard incandescent bulb and a standard screw-in base we all can recognize.  As an extra, added benefit, Philips has done the math and reports that each Marathon bulb saves at least $26 in energy costs over the lifetime of the bulb.

They really do have the look of a standard 40- or 60-watt incandescent bulb, but consume only 12 watts or 16 watts, respectively.  I’m using them now, and I can tell you I love them.  With their reduced power consumption, they also generate much less heat than the incandescent bulbs they replace. This is especially helpful in such areas as the laundry room where I don’t want any added heat!

I use these new Marathon bulbs in the garage, in the closets, in the kids’ rooms and all around the house and outdoors.  I don’t have to be as concerned when the kids (or I) leave lights on because these new bulbs are so energy efficient. There is an entire line of Marathon bulbs from dimmables to Bug Away (that’s the outdoor bug light), but only the Household Bulb has the incandescent shape. They’re all great performers and have proven themselves inside and outside the Gadget house.

You can do some math for yourself.  Don’t let the initial cost deter you.  Since these bulbs are guaranteed five years, they will easily outlast those others you now use, and especially those cheap ones you may be tempted to buy, by a factor of at least eight to one, or more.  Then add the energy savings and even the most mathematically challenged readers will see the light!  Besides, who needs the hassle of changing bulbs as often as you now need to do so?  These bulbs will SAVE YOU MONEY and make you happy.  The complete Philips Lighting Company Marathon line is available at The Home Depot. Find Philips lighting online HERE.

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