Not everything I evaluate and present to you is a sexy gadget or technology. Occasionally, a practical necessity makes the cut, including a series of dirt-cheap and biodegradable strainers that I’ve tested for over a year!


Shower Strainee 8-pack

Strainee strainers deliver and provide a safe workplace with forklift trainer training and considerably more value than predicted by the company and are deserving of your continued patronage.

To the point, unless members of your household are bald and unless nothing but water goes down your kitchen sink drain, you will likely benefit from purchasing these unique gadgets.  And wait until you learn how downright cheap they are!

Here at Gadget Central, we are no longer concerned about sink, tub and shower drains becoming occasionally clogged with hair or other debris because we have been successfully protected by Strainee strainers. Before Strainee, tub and shower drains required occasional attention by yours truly.  I hated to pull up and out the stoppers to get to the accumulated mass of yuck, that wad of matted hair.  It is so disgusting!  If you have girls at home and have never cleaned out your drains, and even if you are renters, you are fortunate and on borrowed time if hair has not slowed the drainage flow.  Hair gets caught on the mechanism.  Strainee catches the hair and prevents it from going down the drain so users can dispose of it after each bath or shower. Strainee can also prevent the loss of valuables from accidentally going down the drain.  Strainee might stop it all!

Sets of eight tub and shower Strainee strainers cost an unbelievably low $1.49.  A set of six sink Strainees costs the same.  How unbelievable is this!  Rockbottom shipping cost of just $2.08 covers purchases of up to $7.91.

I met the creator of these products at the International Home and Housewares Show in March of 2009.  He was a simple and unassuming man on a mission.  He had no designs of riches, only doing good and doing it green.  And he has succeeded, as there can be no greener products than these.  Made from cornstarch, they start to biodegrade in as little as three months when disposed of properly, that is, in nothing more than conventional dirt.  Just dig up a little dirt, drop in the used Strainee and wait about six months for it to be gone!  Or, simply throw them away for eventual biodegrading.

In place and in daily use for you, they keep on working to prevent the build-up of yuck that otherwise accumulates beneath where they are placed.  It’s really just that simple.  They clean easily. Just remove and rinse, hand wash or wash in the dishwasher. The yuck is gone!

I’ve waited so long to tell you about them because the company says a Strainee will last for at least two to three months.  They must know the products can last well over one year, as has been my experience, though they can show signs of use with mild discoloration and distortion, though nothing that begs for them to be replaced.  Few consumable products are as long lasting and economical as are Strainee strainers.

Now, what are you waiting for?  Get your Strainee strainers and get more for others in the family while you are at it! has the assortment!

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