November 30, 2020 – Nursing mothers are tied to their newborns unless they pump and bottle breast milk for use when nursing is not convenient. Elvie Double Pump, $499, can be a game changer.

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My tester is a new mother of twins. Perfect!

** IN THE BOX **

Shown in the photo are:

  • 4 5-oz bottles
  • 4 bottle lids
  • 4 valves
  • 4 seals
  • 4 spouts
  • 4 bra adjusters
  • 2 24mm breast shields
  • 2 28mm breast shields
  • 2 hubs
  • 2 USB charging cables
  • 2 carrying bags
  • Instructions with Warranty booklet inside

(Not shown) Download the smartphone app for iPhone and Android.

** SET UP **

Instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. As every body is different, some moms will find the fit requires greater effort in the form of attachments not included nor necessarily available from this manufacturer. This is not a judgment statement, rather it is one of acknowledgment as was learned through trial and error.

Charging takes about two hours. Expect about two and one half hours of use at its standard setting. The app is helpful here. The pump will not operate while charging.

All but the electric parts are dishwasher safe.

Elvie customer service is excellent.

The iPhone app is quite helpful, but not entirely accurate in its estimations of volume. Be guided accordingly. The Android app was not evaluated.


My tester also learned that Elvie is not necessarily the right appliance to use immediately after giving birth. New moms need to train their body to produce maximum amounts of milk. The procedure as told to me is to nurse, nurse, nurse without assistance of an appliance in the beginning. In so doing, the nursing mom’s body produces necessary hormones signaling the establishment of maximum production.

Once the body becomes acclimated to maximum production, then it is appropriate to employ Elvie or any other such device. With twins needing twice the volume of a single birth, this lesson is even more important.

For most moms, Elvie will not automatically and initially express the volumes required until after this hormonal kick does its job. Elvie is smart and the app allows a variety of settings from comfort to monitoring output and battery state of charge. Another app benefit is the ability to apply firmware upgrades to the pumps for feature updates, upgrades and other enhancements, always of benefit.

And as all bodies are different, some moms will find it necessary to use pads and other go-betweens for best fit of Elvie to the breast in order for Elvie to work at its maximum potential.


Now at the point at which Elvie can perform its full potential, it’s time to let Elvie do what it does while allowing moms to go about their lives unencumbered by a connection to wires and tubes. Elvie fits discreetly in the bra so it is possible to pump virtually anywhere. Silent, electric and cordless, Moms can move about as needed without the time-consuming process of direct nursing when inconvenient. This is the promise delivered by Elvie.


My tester reports that Elvie makes nursing her twins more manageable with each passing day. For the months of nursing yet ahead, this mom breathes a sigh of relief on a daily basis. She pumps to build a reserve of ready-to-go bottles so she can live a more normal life of work and leisure time. With her Elvie on the job, she’s assured that her twins will get all the nourishment needed from the best source until they are ready to be weaned from mother’s milk to other foods.


Elvie Pump is covered by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.

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