One of the most interesting new gadgets found at the recent Housewares Show in Chicago was the Edge Nonstick Brownie Pan. Its design assures there are TWO chewy edges in every serving of brownies and bar cookies, plus it’s a terrific pan for cheesecake and other delights.


Really, how clever is this!  This $35 pan is the entrepreneurial dream of its inventors, the young husband and wife team of Emily and Matt Griffin.  He’s a brownie lover. She’s a professionally trained, award-winning chef.  What a team!  Together, they formed The Baker’s Edge to develop and market this and other products.  Available from as well as from the company Website, this unique pan does just what it is designed to do.

It’s fun and a great conversation piece, but most important, it’s a great pan, so get one and let your imagination race. Check their Website for more ideas and recipes for how to get the most from the Edge Brownie Pan and remember, it’s for a lot more than just great brownies.

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