Here is another product review ONLY after nearly one year of testing.  Why?  Because you deserve to know how it stands up over time.  With certain reservations, Ecolution cookware is recommended, with surprising positives. (Their Website linked above is horrid and incomplete, but don’t hold that against them!)

Shown above is their “better” quality Artistry 8-piece set, selling for only $60 at Amazon.  The Elements line is not as sturdy and more basic, probably not as long-lasting, too, but theirs is a range for many users. Read on, please.

Now, as I prepare to cover this year’s International Home and Housewares Show starting March 6 and held in Chicago, I want to clue you in to this value-laden cookware brand in use here in the Gadget Central kitchen.

When I met with company representatives last year, I was impressed, at first, with the people.  Then, as I investigated the products, I knew I had to try some of them.  I received a care package of frying pans to seed to others and for my own use.

Their products are free of PFOA and feature a water-based non-stick coating.

Included were several 11-inch pans, their 11-inch wok and their massive , 14-inch Colossus Pan with glass lid.

What is important?  How well does the non-stick work?  How durable is the non-stick coating?  What are the prices?  How well do the pans evenly distribute heat?  Do the pans warp?  Can the pans brown meats and sauté without soupiness? Are they dishwasher safe?  Can they also be placed in the oven?  Have I forgotten anything?

My benchmark for excellence in cookware are in the brands Scanpan and Swiss Diamond, as well as Woll.  Their products are virtually indestructible, with coatings that preform as new even after years of service.  No special utensils are required to prevent scratching.  The pans and pots are dishwasher safe. A notch down in overall quality in my experience are Analon and Circulon.  Scanpan and Swiss Diamond, as well as Woll, approach perfection, doing everything beautifully, from browning and sautéing to duty in the oven (some Scanpan and Swiss Diamond models) up to 500º and, of course, are dishwasher safe. Of course, these all come at a considerable price premium, especially Scanpan and Swiss Diamond.  Costs are 10 or more times that of Ecolution in comparable sizes!

I and the others have put these Ecolution products through their paces and the results are in:  For the price, they perform well, though not perfectly!

After several uses, without reapplication of vegetable oil to “season” the Ecolution pans, eggs will stick without using butter, margarine or oil.  The high-priced Scanpan and Swiss Diamond pans retain their excellent non-stick properties without seasoning.

The $32 Colossus pan is spectacular for its utilitarian value.  Users have enough space to cook for a large group!  I’ve used it to make a favorite braised short ribs recipe from America’s Test Kitchen.  You’ll see it involves browning, which this giant pan performed handily and surprisingly. I prepared a large quantity of the dish for several guests in this pan.

I was gentle on the interior, using kitchen utensils designed to be gentle on delicate non-stick surfaces.  To finish the dish, I did what is NOT recommended and NOT supposed to be done – I put the pan in the oven for almost four hours at 300º.  The handles did not melt and the pan seemed unaffected.

We have made large portions of curry chicken and many, many other creations and the pan has done well.  HOWEVER, of late, it is showing signs of wear, with the non-stick surface displaying roughness, evidence of that it is wearing out.  In fairness, I have really banged on it for the better part of a year.

The conventional frying pans are not showing this wear and tear, though they do not see such rough service.

One tester did not like the surface.  She felt it did not do a good job at sautéing.  It did not do a perfect job as did my premium cookware, but, in my view, the outcome was better than I have experienced with other low-priced non-stick cookware.

I’ve made eggs, fried potatoes, lots of stir-fry dishes, both in the wok and in the pans, many fish dishes, from poached to pan fried.  I’ve had to use my own lids from other pans as my samples, save for the Colossus, did not come with them.

Clean up has been uneventful, a very good thing.  With dish soap and a scrubbing sponge designed for use with non-stick cookware, the interiors came clean.

In conclusion, for the price, this Ecolution cookware is ideal for anyone new to living on one’s own. No, this is NOT a lifetime investment as would be my reference products. Getting a first apartment?  Off to apartment living while in college?  Not interested in being a gourmet cook? Looking for value and performance? Ecolution is the sleeper brand to buy!

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