One of the great joys of being Mr. Gadget is the opportunity to check out really great products and technologies.  I just love it!  I especially enjoy true innovation for the kitchen.  The new GE Profile oven with Trivection Technology is on of those great new kitchen “gadgets.”

Trivection technology combines traditional thermal heat with convection and microwave energy for incredible performance.  How about a Thanksgiving-style turkey dinner any night of the week?  You can!  That 22-lb turkey now takes just two hours instead of four-six hours in a traditional oven.

What’s great is that, even with all this advanced technology, the oven is smart.  It can convert all your traditional recipes for this new way of cooking.  It takes all the guesswork out of the equation.  Simply enter the food type, time and temperature.

It requires NOTHING special as far as cookware, either. Use your traditional cookware; metal, glass, stoneware, etc.  You need not buy anything special.

Then, the oven automatically applies the right combination of energies to optimize cooking performance.  The results are, well, delicious.

Installation is a breeze, too.  There are no special cutouts or electrical supply requirements.

The ovens look great, even when off, with there curves and clean lines.  It’s quite a sophisticated look!

You’ll just have to see them, and then you’ll know.  If you are lucky, your local retailer will arrange a cooking demonstration right in the store.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  I did!

The suggested retail price of the GE Profile ovens with Trivection Technology is $2349-$2699 for the single wall oven and $3699-$4149 for the double wall oven.

Find them at retailers across the country or locate a dealer through Or, call 1-800-626-2000.

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