I saw a different-looking new vacuum several months ago while visiting my local Best Buy.  It was the new Dyson, predominantly yellow so it really stands out.  I knew I had to test it!

Recently, I received the opportunity to do just that, and the timing is perfect as I investigate products and technologies for the Hi-Tech Home every year at this time.

The Steel/Yellow DC07, $400, according to Dyson, is the first vacuum that doesn’t lose suction!  The bagless design features a large collection canister, called a clear bin, and a completely unique design overall.  Just have a look at it!


At the heart of the vacuum is their patented Cyclone technology, the technology in use so it does not lose vacuum.  From my own experience, even with a nearly full load of dirt in the clear bin, the Dyson keeps on sucking!

Ah, that clear bin.  Imagine not only never having to buy a vacuum bag (there are other bagless vacuums), but also the EASIEST system to empty I have ever seen.  It is nothing short of shear brilliance.  Press ONE button to release the entire clear bin assembly.  The vacuum handle is also the clear bin handle.  Carry the clear bin to the trashcan.  Hold it over the can and put it slightly inside the top of the can.  Make sure the way is clear under the bin and then simply pull the trigger.  There is a trigger-like finger hole that releases the bottom of the clear bin so it opens onto its hinge.  All the dirt and debris falls into the trashcan.  Lift out the clear bin, snap the bottom back in place and snap in the clear bin back onto the vacuum. It’s SO easy! It also works great as a vacuum for the car.

The bin can be easily disassembled for occasional more thorough cleaning.

There are two easily accessible filters.  One is a circular pre-filter to filter the air before it goes through the motor.  This permanent filter is to be rinsed twice annually.  There is also a post-motor HEPA filter that NEVER needs replacement or cleaning. The HEPA filter makes the Dyson vacuum ideal for allergy sufferers who won’t be wheezing and sneezing when THIS vacuum is in use.

Another typical area of consumables in other vacuums are the belts.  Some vacuums require replacement as frequently as three times a year.  Others require belts annually or when they wear and can no longer easily turn the brush, or when the belts start squealing. Belt costs on other vacuums run in the vicinity of $15 – $20 per set in my experience.  Dyson is different here, too.

The two belts in the Dyson vacuum DO NOT require periodic replacement.  As a matter of fact, there is not even mention of the belts in their instruction manual.  I had to ASK about it.  If replacement is required during the generous two-year full warranty, this service is free, including shipping and packaging from a local Mailboxes Etc. store.  In discussion with Dyson representatives, I was assured that it is unlikely that the belts will require replacement for many, many years.

Have a look at what makes them different HERE.

Think about the savings – no regular belt replacement, no bags to buy, and think about saving time.  Quick and easy disposal of the collected dirt.  Benefits, as I seen them, do not end here.

Lots of other vacuums carry on-board tools.  Dyson does, too, but the way they are attached and the convenience associated with their use is another strong Dyson advantage.  You will see from the excellent online Owner’s Manual exactly how to use these tools and how their cutting-edge design makes everything work so well together.

The handle snaps out with a button press.  The extension wand actually slides into the hose and, when removed, unsnaps and then reconnects in the reverse position.  Imagine this:  The hose extends a long way, with the extension wand attached and the tool at the end.  Just be sure to have a look at the online guide through the link just above.  Seeing it will have you smiling at its cleverness.

When other vacuums experience a blockage, it is not a simple unsnap and remove the debris.  But, with the Dyson, it is, of course.  Strategic areas are immediately and easily accessible for finding and quickly removing any obstruction.  The brushbar is make to create a clicking sound if its turning is restricted, alerting the user to that area for attention.


I really think they have thought of everything.  There are special tools available, a mini turbo brush also known as the animal took and the floor tool, as standard on other models or as small, extra-cost items for everyone.

In my testing here at Gadget Central, I have found the Dyson vacuum to be an excellent product.  I even put it in the hands of professional house cleaners and asked for their evaluation.  These professionals use many, many different vacuums throughout the course of their workweek.  They commented on the general ease of use, the excellent carpet cleaning almost up to the wall edge, the ease of cleaning under objects, the excellence and ease of use of all the tools and, finally, they LOVED how simple and easy it is to empty the bin.  They were grinning all the while during the time they were explaining to me all that they liked and NOTHING they did not.  They ended by saying they want to recommend this Dyson to EVERY client.

As each of you know, I do not sell anything.  I am simply an evaluator and one who is privileged to be able to advise others what to buy and, subsequently, how to spend their money.  It is with confidence that I recommend the Dyson vacuum to you for YOUR hi-tech home.  It represents both quality and value.

For additional instant gratification, read the Dyson story all about how and why James Dyson developed this new product.  It’s interesting reading.

Find your new Dyson vacuum at Best Buy, Sears, www.target.com and at www.dyson.com.

More information is available by calling 1-866-693-9766, or visit www.dyson.com.

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