Does it get much better than this?  I just received what might be considered an ultimate gift for dear old dad this Father’s Day.  The brand new Sony DVP-FX1, $1500, is a product I will hate to give up after testing.   I think it will take a really long time for me to complete my evaluation of this DVD player!If you’re a dad and travel the amount I do, and if you love DVDs as I do, you can’t help but want one of these.  Whether travel is for business or pleasure, this ultra-thin player with the big and wide 16:9, 7-inch LCD display, magnesium alloy casing and high tech features built in is a remarkably pleasing performer.  The included rechargeable Lithium Ion battery powers the unit for up to four hours per charge, plenty long enough for all but a very few movies without interruption.

Just imagine, any environment can be transformed into a personal theater – SUVs/minivans (with optional car battery cord), airline seats, vacation homes, campgrounds and even aboard a boat!

The DVP-FX1 includes Sony’s Advanced SmoothScan Picture Search for seamless transitions between video frames.  The included full-featured wireless remote control provides complete control, even when the player is connected to, for example, a big-screen TV for use as if a conventional, full-size DVD player (simply switch off the LCD display).

SRS Headphone Surround Sound means virtual surround sound can be heard through connected (not included) headphones.  Without connecting headphones, there is plenty of reasonable sound coming from the built-in speakers, too.  Dolby Digital and DTS pass-through are included, along with audio/video inputs for watching external sources like camcorder playback on that great screen.

Even with the battery pack attached, the DVP-FX1 is thinner than three stacked DVD boxes.

Now, I’ve got to go and get ready for some extended travel.  You can be sure that the DVP-FX1 will be fully charged and in my carry-on bag with a supply of, oh, about a dozen or so of the latest DVD releases.

See and learn more about what I think is an ultimate gift HERE.  More info is also just a call away at Sony by calling 1-800-222-SONY.  And don’t forget to do as I do and rent your DVDs from

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