There’s something new in rechargeables, and it’s good, very good.  Instead of rapidly losing a charge while sitting idle, the new Duracell Pre-Charged AA and AAA batteries hold their charge for up to one year.  And, as the name says, they come pre-charged in the package, ready for immediate use.

Ideal for applications including mp3 skull and frequently used, high-drain toys, games and especially digital cameras and a few MP3 players, they’re just the right formula to provide the power to perform AND the ability to recharge hundreds of times.  The bonus is that this new formula also des not rapidly discharge sitting idle.  Previous formula NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries suffered from this self-discharge condition.  If you left them charged and unused, they’d lose more than 10 percent of their charge.  Old-style NiMH cells also had to be charged before first use.  So, it is easy to see the advantages of Duracell Pre-Charged batteries as well as the disadvantages of traditional rechargeables, which I have cautiously recommended in the past.

It’s important to use the right batteries for the right job.  Alkaline cells are great in flashlights and remote controls, smoke detectors and other slow-drain devices.

If you have used alkalines in digital cameras, you know they are not right for that job.  In almost no time and after far too few photos, they are dead. On the other hand, NiMH cells yield into the hundreds of photos per charge (of course, in cameras that use standard AA-size batteries).  And these new formula NiMH batteries hold their charge when not in use for a very long time, so you will not be disappointed when it comes time to grab the camera and go.

They recharge in any NiMH charger, too, and not just in the new chargers that come with some of the packaged Duracell Pre-Charged configurations.

Of greatest importance is to look for PRE-CHARGED to indicate this new formula.  Standard NiMH cells just will not do.

Are they unique?  Other makers have also introduced new-tech NiMH batteries. They would appear to be quite similar to Duracell’s, whose AA Pre-Charged batteries are rated at 2000 mAh.  I’ve seen competitors with 2100 mAh claims as well as some with the same 2000 mAh rating.  Duracell AAA Pre-Charged batteries are rated at 800 mAh, the same as what I have seen in other brands.  I’ve also started to see other brands introduce C- and D-cell so-called “low self-discharge” batteries. Clearly, a battery technology revolution is under way and this new formula is destined to become widely adopted as the consumers’ favorite.

Packaging includes a 4-pack of AA and a Mobile Charger with a pair each of AA and AAA Pre-Charged cells.  I like this charger!  It plugs in to any standard wall outlet.  The charger includes a car adapter for in-vehicle charging.  There is also an included USB port.  Using your own USB cable, you can also use this charger to supply power to charge anything that charges in this way, including many mobile phones and iPods.  A button on the charger determines whether the charger sends power to charge batteries or out the USB port.  Smart!

Retail pricing for a four-pack of AA or AAA Duracell Pre-Charged batteries is $13.  Search online for better pricing.  The retail price for the Duracell Pre-Charged Mobile Charge with a pair each of the new AA and AAA Pre-Charged batteries is $20.  Similarly, better pricing may be found online.

Find these cool new Duracell Pre-Charged Rechargeable batteries and chargers at mass market, drug, grocery and electronics stores everywhere.

More information is at or call 1-800-551-2355.

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