One Duracell myGrid Charging Pad ($80) and associated Power Sleeves or Power Clips for your devices can eliminate up to four wall brick chargers.  Charging becomes as easy as dropping the device on the Charging Pad and walking away!

Sound intriguing?  It’s an idea whose time has come, finally.  I’ve seen the trend on its way for about three years with showings at CES.  The Duracell lineup is a good beginning in mainstreaming the technology.

Instead of having to deal with the wires and chargers for many popular mobile phones and iPod touch, users simply purchase Power Clips or Power Sleeves (adapters for these devices) that allow them to be charged without the wires or adapters.

As Duracell tells it, just drop and go . . .!

Power sleeves slip over the devices for which they are specifically designed. The back side of these sleeves contains the contacts that meet the stripes on the PowerPad.  The contacts connect through the sleeve (that also acts as a protective case) to the underside.  Then, depending upon what is needed, there is a path from the outside contacts to the battery charging contacts.  This is where the custom comes in on custom Power Sleeves.  It may be a pair of small contacts on the outside of the device case.  It may be a pair of contacts inside the back cover, which would necessitate a ribbon connector to become the physical contact point that would slip under the device’s back cover and be pinched between the internal battery and the device contacts normally touching the battery contacts.

Don’t get hung up on how it is accomplished.  Just know that, on custom, designed-for-a-specific-device Power sleeves, it does happen.  Once in place, that’s all there is to it.

Alternatively, Power Clips, seen above, a few of which come with the myGrid PowerPad starter kit, get the job done on phones not suited for the sleeve concept.  Principally, these are certain Blackberry models, Motorola phones and Nokia handsets.  The pieces consist of a mini- or micro USB plug to go into the side-mounted charging port on these devices.  These are device thickness-adjustable plugs, the bottom of which is a magnetic connector adapted to the swing arm seen above.  The large disc on the other end of the swing arm has the five spring-loaded contacts that touch the shiny ribs of the myGrid base and through which the power is sent.  Underneath the large disc end is an adhesive-backed shiny metal disc.  This disc is located directly under the swing arm disc and is magnetically attracted to it.  So, it can be seen that the power flows from the myGrid though the pins, up the arm to and through the joint connector that terminates in the mini or micro USB port on the device.  Whew. Hey, there has to be some way for power to get from point A to point B and result in charging the device.

In my brief tests, it would appear that the Power Clips might be more conveniently left off and home when the device to which it is tied is takes off and away.  The two pieces that would come off are easily reattached and reconnected to each other.  I’d leave them home to prevent accidental loss and to allow a case of some sort to be used on the device, as may be the wish of the owner.

In the case of the Power Sleeves, as these are a protective case, nothing further is needed once in place.

Both Power Clips and Power Sleeves are magnetically attracted to the myGrid base to give some grip to the device that has been placed for charging.

From then on, operation is straightforward.  Charging just happens, and just as quickly as if conventionally charged.

Oh, and one more thing.  The underside of the myGrid charging base is coated with non-slip material. A blue light indicates that the unit is plugged in to power.


And for your on-the-go portable power needs, Duracell has the $35 myGrid USB charger, a little Lithium ion rechargeable battery with both Mini- and Micro USB connectors on it.  Charging is as simple as dropping the battery on the myGrid base. It’s ready to go, for use with hundreds of power-hungry gadgets.  Travelers and gadget lovers will want one of these!

For devices, such as iPad, iPod and iPhone, and others that come with a USB charging cord, plug the USB end of the cord into the USB connector on top of this battery and charge the device, just as with the two supplied adapters.

The battery inside is a 3.7 Volt, 1800mAh Lithium Polymer cell.  With capacity to charge a smart phone with more than four hours of talk, most MP3 players for upwards of 30 hours of tunes, or Bluetooth earpieces for upwards of 10 hours, it is both handy and versatile.

How does it work?  Easy as pie!  Simple and straightforward, just the way I like things.

Power to go, easy to charge, from Duracell.

Get Duracell myGrid at Target, Amazon and at other retailers.

Find Duracell myGrid USB Charger at Amazon.

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