Going back to school means, among other things, powering mobile and other wireless devices.  The handy, under $25 Duracell Instant Charger, one of which I’ve had for some time, has never failed me.  I can recommend it for students’ needs because it fits anywhere and can provide up to 35 hours of added mobile life when the internal battery is low.

Use it with any device that has mini- or micro-USB connectivity.  Yes, it is that simple. In a pocket, purse, backpack or messenger bag, it takes up so little space, but when out and about and the smart phone iPod, or other compatible device is flashing on empty, it sure is handy.  The Lithium-ion battery inside recharges easily, as well, by connecting it to a laptop when back at base.

It’s what I carry when on the go!  With so many from which to choose, I grab this one because it is just the right size and has the capacity needed for my busy travel schedule. If it works for me, and it does, like these best backpacks for college it MUST work for students.

Found at Amazon for less than $25, feel free to find find your own best price!

Speaking of batteries, don’t forget to check out good ol’ reliable Copper Tops (Duracells) for wireless computer mice, keyboards and other devices that use disposable, traditional alkaline batteries.  For those gadgets using rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, Duracell is a reliable and trusted brand in these areas, as well.

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