This is not new news for regular followers, but a reminder is never a bad thing.

Apple is in the unique situation to have relatively few models. This makes it easy for companies to provide accessories, including keyboard covers. KBCovers continues to provide the very best covers available for Macs, including the newest line of MacBook Pros. There is a cutout for TouchID.

Why a cover? Dust and food debris cannot help but be introduced to the delicate mechanism below the keys. Yeah, I know it’s not smart to drink from an open cup or to eat at the computer, but some of us cannot resist. Why take any chance that this schmutz will fall in to the mechanism below and interfere with the smooth operation of the keys for as long as a user has his or her MacBook or MacBook Pro? With an inexpensive KBCover, there is an incentive to care for your investment in this extraordinary way. Unlike a Windows PC, Macs tend to be easy to update for five to eight years making their useful lifetime longer than PCs. This is another incentive to go with KBCovers.

The company says it best:

Protect The Keyboard Of Your Apple Device Without Ruining Its Elegant Look.

For protection against dust, scratches, spills, and unavoidable wear and tear from the hands of time, KB Covers presents our Protection Keyboard Cover.

Made from the highest grade silicon, our range of keyboard covers fit seamlessly over any MacBook model offering not only protection, but a silky-smooth typing experience as well.

Completely hand washable, our Protection Keyboard Cover eliminates the tedious and potentially dangerous need to clean your keyboard while providing hassle-free maintenance should it need a wash.

Despite being robust and durable, our covers are completely hand washable – offering easy maintenance to boot. And with our ultra thin design, you can apply and remove your new Apple keyboard cover with ease.

I have their plain black cover for my MB Pro, but they provide a wealth of colorful plain and specialty covers for creatives as well as other specialists including Video, Audio & DJ, Graphic Design and Photography, Languages and more. I’m eyeing their beautiful new Deep Blues cover that became available after the plain black was introduced!

Each soft silicone cover is washable. I remove mine every so often and put it in a long pan that has several drops of Dawn dish soap already well mixed. Then, I gently massage both sides, remove it and thoroughly rinse it. This next step is essential. Preferably, air dry the cover. I am more impatient, so I carefully pat dry the cover on and with a lint free towel. This could be a clean microfiber cloth or a cotton bar towel. The idea is to leave the KBCover not only clean but free of any particulates before replacing it on the keyboard.

Costs range from ONLY $19.95. Not a typo. Isn’t your Mac’s keyboard worth this investment?


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