I just can’t imagine being without BOTH DIRECTV and TiVo.  I think of the two as digital crack.  Why? Because, like an addictive substance, you would not allow anyone to take them from you.  But, this time, it’s legal and good for you!  Such is the common experience from just about every user polled.  Before they get it, they are a bit unclear of the benefits. Once they have DIRECTV and TiVo, they’d fight you rather than ever even consider giving them up.  The two are life-changing devices.

Now, you can get a great gift for dad and for the family – a DIRECTV-branded integrated digital satellite receiver with built-in TiVo that allows customers to customize their viewing experience among DIRECTV’s 225 digital-quality channels.  If dad is a sports nut, he’ll be in hog heaven with all the sports programming, both included in various packages and on a subscription basis. Just look online and you’ll see it all.

The DIRECTV® DVR with TiVo® combines DIRECTV programming with TiVo technology into one seamlessly integrated set-top box offering 40 GB of memory to record up to 35 hours of a viewer’s favorite shows – all without videotape.

• What’ll it do? The DIRECTV® DVR with TiVo® has dual tuners which enable viewers to:

–   Record two programs at the same time or record one program while watching another. –      Pause, instant replay, and rewind live TV.

–   Fast forward and play back programs in normal speed, slow motion or frame by frame.

–   Schedule recordings up to 14 days in advance – thanks to an Advanced Program Guide (APG).

–   Automatically record every episode of a favorite show throughout the entire season – thanks to the Season Pass feature.  Search and record programs that feature favorite actors, directors, sports teams or interests.

Manufactured by Hughes Network Systems and Phillips, the integrated receiver retails for $199 and is available at leading consumer electronics retailers across the country, including Best Buy, Blockbuster and Circuit City.

The on-screen programming guide has a monthly fee of $4.99, but is free to all DIRECTV Total Choice Premier Package ($85.99 per month) subscribers.

There are few things I can recommend without reservation and with complete confidence.  This, friends, is one of them.  Get it and you, too, will wonder how you ever did without.  It is SO worth the money.  Having two tuners will change your life.  Well, it might change your life.  Imagine, never having to decide what to TiVo and what to watch at the same time.  Now, you can record BOTH at the same time.  This is SO good that even Mrs. Gadget loves it and she is NOT one who takes easily to modern technology!

If you STILL don’t get it, you fall into one of two groups.  Either you’ll NEVER understand why anyone would buy a satellite receiver and want to have an integrated TiVo, OR, you’re not sure.  If you’re in the latter category, just take my word for it and go for it.  Then, all I want from you is a simple, three word e-mail saying, “You were right!”  DIRECTV with TiVo, maybe a bit difficult to understand BEFORE you get it, but you’re going to love it and wonder what took you so long after you buy it.

More information is at www.DIRECTV.com or call 1-888-238-7177.

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