Dell Inspiron Desktop model 3910 is mini only in stature when compared to a so-called full-size desktop computer, this “little” Dell packs a surprising power punch in its class.

If you’re accustomed to consumer Windows desktop computers as I am, you have witnessed an evolution. Compact components promised lighter weight. Intel processors have become more powerful, of course, with included Intel UHD Graphics (for non-gamers). My Dell has the latest 12th Generation Intel Core i5-2400 and still includes a CD/DVD drive, an SD card slot, USB ports with faster transfer taking advantage of the latest technology, and more. Inside the easy-open cabinet it is almost empty, with accessible, simple to upgrade RAM up to the maximum of 32GB (not needed) from the included 12GB of RAM.

This model comes with an internal 256GB SSD. No more spinning Hard Disk Drives. SSDs are faster and more reliable than the standard old HDDs and use much less power. In addition, accessing data on an SSD is faster than on a standard spinning media hard drive. Some might see the 256GB SSD as a limitation on this model that does not include a build-to-order option whereby a higher capacity SSD may be specified. Most consumers today who do email and other tasks that are not processor-intensive probably have Gmail or a similar mail service. In these, the email is stored in the cloud, not on the computer’s drive, so the 256GB storage should not be limiting.

A wired Dell mouse and keyboard are also included.

See this exact model at Best Buy for $700 and customizable at starting at about $600. The model and configuration linked and sold directly from Dell does not include a CD/DVD drive and has a few additional, minor differences. Content at both links is subject to change and is current as of date posted.

If considering an upgrade to this Dell, look at your current rig’s storage to see its capacity and how much storage remains. I’d bet that most of you with a 1TB drive in your old current computer haven’t used much of it unless you have tons and tons of photos and music ON that drive. Both can be managed through other means, such as cloud storage OR by moving some or all onto another drive inside the new computer or on a USB thumb drive plugged into a convenient port on the front or rear.

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All that space inside can be useful. There are at least three connectors into which a flyweight little SSD can be plugged. Checking online at Amazon, I see SATA SSDs from about $50 to $100 for up to 1TB of storage. It is incredibly simple to pop one in, and their light weight lets them just dangle inside without a tray or other means of support. That’s what I did. I took the 1TB SSD from the almost eight year old big ol’ tower computer that it replaces and put it inside this new Dell. Plug and play and all the old data is there.

This new Dell comes with a trial version of Microsoft Office 365 that users can sign up for OR remove and use an existing Microsoft Office product, which is what I did. Also included is McAfee antivirus, but, frankly, all that is needed for most consumers is the included Microsoft Defender antimalware product, so that was deleted on mine. Just don’t be foolish – don’t open email from unknown senders. Don’t surf the Web to shady places. In other words, be a smart consumer and a smart computer user.

Another change I made on this computer which is standard to ME was to upgrade from the included Microsoft Windows 11 Home Edition to Windows Pro. Look it up! I think Pro is the way to go and it is not expensive. In fact, I transferred the Windows 10 pro license on my old computer to Windows 11 pro without charge. That’s the way Microsoft operates. Thank you.

The 12th Generation Intel Core “i” processors range is from i3, i5, i7 to i9. The sweet spot is i5. The Core i3 line is a bit underpowered. The i5 is just right, priced right and nearly as fast as the new Core i7. Intel 12thGeneration Core i9 processors are found in high end computers that are significant overkill for the average consumer and quite expensive at nearly four times the cost of the model I have.

With the standard, ubiquitous Windows wired keyboard and wired mouse, just add a monitor and monitor cable, computer speakers and it’s show time.

  • Computer and power cord
  • Wired Dell keyboard & mouse
  • Documentation

Unbox, plug in to power, connect a monitor, which, in this case, is a 1080 HD 24-inch Dell. Nothing fancy. Go through the setup process, connect existing Microsoft account. Do ALL the updates until there are no more. Keep checking until there is nothing more to do. This includes using the Dell software to check this computer in addition to Windows. That’s where there were a few to do, including a pair of BIOS updates. All finished!

Uninstall software as above. Install a few personal apps, including Microsoft Office, transferring the license from my old computer to this new one, VLC Media Player, and Handbrake, to name a few.

Will the included 12GB of RAM prove sufficient? Let’s see. It’s time to  . . .



This rig is pretty speedy! Boots quickly. Let’s see how it performs.

Watch streaming content. The included Intel graphics did fine. This is NOT a gaming rig!

Compose documents, such as this review. No lags, no glitches.

Connect an external camera and try a Zoom conference. Perfect.

Play CDs and DVDs. No glitches, no waiting. The sound quality is determined by the quality of the attached speakers. I have several sets and all performed very well.

As an everyday computer for most consumers, there is NOTHING about which to complain.

Compared to the Dell computer replaced by this Dell, it is perfect. The old Dell had the [then] speediest Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM. Though it is not eligible to upgrade to Windows 11, it chugs along just fine, but it takes over a minute to boot up fully. Even with its 1TB SSD as a main drive, the old computer was way past its prime. This new Dell with less RAM almost instantly boots up and runs with no perceived delays.

I think it’s a bargain!


Dell must be doing something right. The cost is astoundingly low for its performance.

This Dell Inspiron Compact Desktop model 3910 with the latest Intel Core i5 processor is highly recommended.


Dell provides a one year warranty with the option to extend it

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