Dell continues to impress me. Almost three years go, it was their Inspiron 24-inch AIO (All In One), with matte finish screen, 512GB SSD, speedy and latest Intel i7, and 8GB RAM.

It has been a flawless performer and was almost immediately upgraded with 32GB of Kingston RAM, Windows 10 Pro (now Windows 11 Pro) and added Microsoft Office Pro. There isn’t anything I could not do that I wanted or needed.

I had an opportunity to check out the newest generation Dell Inspiron AIO, with a 27-inch glossy screen. Dell upped the specs with not only the newest, 12th generation i7 processor, but also 16 GB RAM, a 1TB SSD and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX550 video card with its own 2GB of memory. The video card is designed for mobile use, which, I guess, this Dell Inspiron AIO is kind of sort of under the skin. Certainly not a gaming computer, but it is capable of better graphics for light-weight gaming than without the NVIDIA boost.

As will be shown, there are high speed ports aplenty, an upgraded, more business-oriented and substantial wireless keyboard and mouse.

Like its li’l sister, it is easily opened and upgraded with up to 32GB of RAM without tools!


  • Inspiron 27” AIO (All-in-One) model i7710-7952WHT-PUS
  • Dell KM5221W Wireless keyboard & mouse
  • feet/stand
  • 130W Power Supply and power cord
  • Documentation


Unbox, read the instructions to download and install the Dell App. Perform recommended and optional updates and any recommended apps.

Equipped with Intel’s 12th Generation Core i7-1225U processor, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM (memory), a 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD) its own discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX550 Graphics with 2 GB GDDR6 dedicated memory, Wi-Fi6 Wireless AX and a shiny 1080P touch screen with built-in pop-up 1080p webcam, this only begins to touch on the specifications.

Still not finished! Windows 11 Home Edition operating system, a serious array of connectors, including these:

  1. USB 3.2 Type-C Gen 2 port
  2. Power Button
  3. Monitor Mode Switch
  4. USB 3.1 Gen 1 port with Power on/Wake-up support
  5. USB 3.1 Gen 1 port
  6. HDMI 1.4b port
  7. HDMI-in 1.4b port
  8. DC-In
  9. RJ45 Ethernet port
  10. USB 3.1 Gen 2 port with PowerShare
  11. USB 3.1 Gen 1 Port
  12. Audio
  13. SD Card Reader

This new model is an upgrade from a nearly three year-old 24” Dell AIO with its speedy-for-the-times Intel Core i7 processor and Intel graphics. In its day, the 24-inch matte finish Full HD touch screen was common for an everyday use family computer.

The additional three inches of screen real estate makes a HUGE difference!

Set up was easy, thanks to Dell’s prompting through the process.

An upgraded wireless keyboard and mouse is included, as compared to my previous Dell AIO. The keyboard has a better, more substantial and professional feel. The mouse has a beefier feel.

Moving data from old to new, for those who need to do such things, can be accomplished through several options, including the user’s cloud storage or the user’s own external backup drive.

Yes, it takes time to populate the new computer with the desired apps as on the previous model. Yes, it takes some time to do all the personalization one may wish to do, but the rewards are manifold, at least until the user wishes to upgrade to what’s newer in the future.

Part of any new computer setup process includes Window software- and hardware-specific updates, of which there were several. Depending upon the user’s Internet speed, wired or wireless (I always prefer hard-wired Internet connection), this can take several hours, and it did. Patience is a virtue.

A trial version of Trend Micro Internet Security (3-Device) (6 Month Subscription) for Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS and Windows (digital download) was included. Also included within the Trend Micro product is identity protection and parental controls. I ditched this software in favor of Microsoft Defender, FREE and pre-installed from Microsoft, which, I believe is the only anti-malware software needed and the only one I use on any of my Windows computer. Defender will NOT slow down the computer either.

Finally, in the area of included software, is a trial of the Microsoft 365 Suite. A subscription may be purchased or the software may be deleted if the user has an existing Microsoft Office or 365 subscription that may be transferred from a previous PC. Alternatively, users are free to download and use any other Windows-compatible Office-like suite including those that are without cost, yet fully compatible with the Microsoft products. I deleted this trialware and used my existing key for Microsoft Office Pro which I transferred from the old Dell.

I also used my existing license for Windows 11 Pro and transferred it to this new Dell.

My new Dell AIO was found at Best Buy, but I see a variation at Amazon and elsewhere with certain differences. One prominent variation is a 512GB SSD plus a 1TB hard drive. The NVIDIA card is also a no-show. This combo does not appeal to me. I’d go with the Best Buy offering OR wait to see if Amazon carries this exact model i7710-7952WHT-PUS.

Now, with the initial setup completed, it’s time to  . . .


The first impression is that this Dell Inspiron AIO 7710 starts up very quickly, as well it should. It’s new, after all. How will 16GB of RAM perform? Will an upgrade to 32GB RAM be a considered?

The short answer is that this new Dell is so well equipped that nothing else is needed, and certainly not required. That does not mean I will not upgrade to 32GB of Kingston RAM. Spoiler alert – YES, I will.

Whether for everyday computing chores or for everyday gaming, amateur audio and video editing, there is nothing that comes to mind to be added to a wish list for a stock Dell AIO. Nothing.

There was an initial concern that the shiny display would be a distraction as compared to the matte finish on the previous 24-inch model. Concerns quickly disappeared. The 27-inch touchscreen is bright and vivid.

The fan is barely audible unless the processor is pushed hard, such as when rendering video. Even when pressed, fan noise is unobtrusive.

The built-in SD card reader is handy for photo use as well as with MicroSD cards using an adapter.

Should the user wish to use an external monitor for a dual display setup, this, too, is a built-in capability as I tried with a 27-inch 4K monitor side by side. It may even be used solely as a second monitor from another computer without using its AIO computing capabilities.

The free, downloadable MyDell Mobile app for iOS and Android is a handy companion with useful setup tutorials and numerous tips and tricks. In-app Dell chat support can be a time saver.

The abundant and crisp sound makes everything a more pleasant experience, so losing oneself in streaming content proved easy to do.

What’s missing? Nothing. For those interested in a CD/DVD burner, there are inexpensive plug-and-play external devices. Find them for in the $20 range! There are certainly plenty of ports available. This is what I use and have recommended to others, but feel free to choose as you wish.

There is a single USB-C port at the right side bottom edge, perfect for charging a phone or plugging in a peripheral without having to access ports on the rear. This was a pleasant surprise telling me someone was thinking. Its position makes it simple to plug in a phone without reaching to the back.


The 27-inch size is the new sweet spot and seems perfect in this application. No, it’s not a 4K display, but HD 1080P looks just fine. Performance is nothing short of excellent in every sense of the word.

Opening the Dell AIO was a snap, quite literally. The back unsnaps without tools. Once open, the bottom plate where the ports are located is unscrewed and carefully removed, set aside. Then, the cover over the motherboard where the RAM is located must be removed. Screws out. OEM RAM out, Single 32GB Kingston memory module installed. Time to reverse the process and button it up. Start it and let it go through tests indicating that it detected the change. And that was that. I am NOT an electronics wizard, but this upgrade project was not intimidating.

After upgrading to 32GB of Kingston RAM, the difference is clear. Multitasking is smoooooth. If you’re one, as I,  who likes to have several applications running at once, the RAM makes a perceptible difference. If, as I, you intend to do some audio and video editing, the added RAM is just what is needed. Mind you, this rig can perform without more RAM, but not quite as well as with it. Finally, running Microsoft Flight Simulator and a few other games is definitely smoother with the added RAM. Find it here.

Inside cover unscrewed, flipped up. The bottom plate was already removed. The strange tape seen just needed to be straightened out and re-stuck.

Original RAM out, set aside. Ready for Kingston 32GB RAM module installation.

Kingston RAM installed

The system recognizes 32GB of RAM (memory). SUCCESS!

Now it’s time to discuss the value equation. In consideration of cost, performance and likely customer satisfaction, does THIS Dell AIO represent value to the consumer? That answer is a simple, resounding YES. This impressive combination of all the elements, with the bonus of the dedicated NVIDIA graphics is highly recommended. The designers and marketing team have worked together to offer a fine AIO for consumers as well as small office, home office users.

As with ANY phone, computer, or any other device with an operating system that can be updated, check for updates on a regular basis. Don’t wait for it to happen automatically, though this should be the case. I have made checking for software updates part of my daily routine. This has contributed to my not having issues because of the failure to do so.


Dell provides its standard one-year parts and labor warranty that is upgradeable at added cost and for a longer term after the initial purchase.

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