December 27, 2019 – I did not think I’d like it, but I do! This model I5490-7234SLV-PUS Dell Inspiron 23.8″ Touch-Screen All-In-One with 10th generation Intel Core i7, 16GB Memory and 512GB SSD is reviewed on behalf of Best Buy. The price is $1200 as of 12-25-19.

I’m an Apple-preferred computer user since way back in 1980, though I have had numerous Windows-based PCs all along. I thought it appropriate to check out this new model rig through the lens of an irregular Windows user, and I am glad I did.

What’s Hot

  • All-in one design – it’s all inside the monitor; clean and neat
  • Newest 10th Generation Intel quad-core mobile i7 processor, their latest generation low-power and zippy processor for good energy efficiency
  • Maxed out with 16 GB RAM
  •  23.8″ Full HD touch screen with anti-glare matte finish
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620; integrated graphics card for casual gaming, capable of HD, not 4K video, shares the computer’s memory (RAM), but, good enough
  • Dell Mobile Connect pairs your iOS or Android smartphone with your desktop, though mirroring is available only with Android phones
  • 512 GB SSD (Solid State Drive) for speed and reliability; no moving parts
  • 802.11ac wireless technology for the fastest wireless connectivity
  • Windows 10 Home Edition (standard)Wireless keyboard and mouse; keyboard has good feel, mouse, too
  • Pop-up peek-a-boo webcam; used for face recognition log-in, easily hides by pushing it down to stowed position for added security
  • Easy out-of-box setup; easier and faster than any Mac in my experience
  • Comes with Duracell Copper Top Alkaline batteries for keyboard and mouse
  • Fast startup, fast response
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (the latest version of BT available)
  • Dell CinemaSound – full, rich sound from video streaming, gaming, etc.
  • Ports and slots galore on the back:



USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C™

RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000

USB 2.0 Type A

2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A

Universal headphone jack

SD Card Reader 3.0

What’s Not

  • *NOTHING, so far*

It is this kind of experience that I like most. Going in, I was skeptical and dubious. How could a lowly Windows computer possibly compare favorably with my Macs? I love to say when preconceived opinions are WRONG.

Out of the box, setup was a joy, actually fun. Clicking through the prompts, I was up and running in what seemed like no time. See the Setup and Specifications manual here.

This Dell Inspiron seems just right for MOST consumers. I like the Intel processor upgrade from earlier, slower ones. Why go for the newest and speediest available 9in this model), and not a new i5 or less? Even with everyday email and social media, streaming videos and seemingly simple tasks, having this 10th generation Intel i7 makes it a pleasure to multitask, with several things happening in the background, without choking. Trust me, the faster processor will translate into more user enjoyment of this computer for more years than one with a slower processor.

That is not to say that this i7 processor is a speed demon. It is not. There are faster i7 series processors, but not at this price and not in this configuration. It is more than just good enough, unless the user is going to compose and arrange music or edit and create high quality videos.

The pop-up camera saw me, learned to recognize me during setup and that was that. Waking from sleep or on a fresh reboot, I pop up the camera which recognizes me in an instant and I’m signed in. No need for a passcode, though there is one as a backup. Once I was recognized, I parked the camera back in its well. That way, no bad actors can get in and view what I have not authorized. There is no need to put a piece of tape over the lens on this camera as some users feel they must do.

I am not a gamer, so I cannot tell you how well this Dell does in that department, but streaming videos is a satisfying experience. I watched a bit of The Irishman on Netflix and an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. The 24-inch screen placed where it ought to be in front of me on my desk provides a good experience. The matte-finish screen not only helps avoid fingerprints, it is also the right thing to have for viewing without glare or reflection.

This Inspiron comes with a 12-month subscription to McAfee LiveSafe antivirus software, which is likely to be a bit better than the free Windows Defender anti-malware software included in Windows. After 12 months, users can decide what to do. I do not detect a slowdown from having this software activated.

Also included is a 30-day trial of Microsoft Office. If you already own Microsoft Office, you may wish to delete the trial from a computer and sign in to your Microsoft account to download your own Microsoft Office 365. If you are not a Microsoft Office user, look into whether you want or need Microsoft Office. There are FREE versions of compatible software doing similar functions as Microsoft Office applications. My picks are either Libre Office or G Suite from Google. Few consumers need the relatively expensive Microsoft Office product. These alternatives are compatible with anything you might need to do and with documents received that are from Microsoft Office products. If you are NOT going to use the pre-installed Microsoft Office trial, uninstall it with a right-click on it in the Windows menu OR from the Windows Control Panel.

Uninstall anything else you know you will not use in order to save space on the 512 GB SSD. You may need the space down the road.

My Dell Inspiron has all the ports and slots one could need, including and SD card slot for SD cards from cameras and other devices. If needed, buy an inexpensive adapter if you need to insert other, smaller cards.

Streaming Netflix and other content looks great and sounds great, owing to Dell CinemaSound. Plenty of punch!

Some purists think it best to get a computer that is not inside a monitor, not an all-in-one. I was among them. However, with the advent of reliable Solid State Drives instead of spinning hard drives, and with the more reliable computing hardware used in modern all-in-on computers, I see little reason to stick to separates today for most consumers. Why take up all that extra space?

What about the touch screen? I was among the first to get an all-in-one touch screen Acer desktop computer nearly 10 years ago. Hated it! BIG, cumbersome, with touch-screen software that did not work and was not ready for prime time. How things have changed! In recent years, touch is well-integrated on these computers. However, touch is of limited value on a vertically-oriented screen. Think about it. Are you going to pick up your hand from near the mouse every time you want to navigate to click an on-screen object? Probably not, but it’s nice to have for those times you want to touch and go. I’m still a bit conflicted on this. How about you?

Touch is perfect for tablets and phones. Are you going to draw with your finger on a vertical screen?

Touch screen preferences aside, this is a sweet computer, so far.

Once basic settings are made and you get to the home screen on any new computer, be sure to go into the Control Panel (on Windows PCs) and do all the system updates available until there are no more to do. On this Dell, there were five cycles of updates before it reported that all was up to date.

For the adventurous users who may wish to see what is under the hood and, perhaps, add more RAM, HERE is the service manual you’ll need.

In the brief week or so since firing it up, I am enjoying using this Dell Inspiron model I5490-7234SLV-PUS and recommend it to you without reservations IF IT MEETS YOUR NEEDS.

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