As the popularity of Internet shopping continues to grow, I keep looking for the best ways to help you to decide where to shop.  This time, the spotlight is on

It’s that time again, and many of you are looking for resources for Father’s Day gifts as well as shopping for every other reason.  Since dads want gadgets, has much to offer the Internet shopper.

In many ways they are similar to other aggregators – affiliations with retailers to provide goods and services through a searchable central database at, in this case,  These umbrella sites, such as, take a fee, a commission, on the business transacted through them.  That’s how it works, and it is to the advantage of online retailers to sign up with sites such as

So, what’s the difference?  Dealtime is an online comparison shopping service with an exceptionally easy to use home page with tabs across the top to help visitors locate the products of interest.  Searches and comparisons can be made according to products, models, brands, and prices from thousands of merchants across the Internet. also has an online gift-giving guide, freshly brewed according to the occasion, such as Father’s Day.  Then, users can help themselves through selections based upon price ranges of under $50, under $100, and over $100.  This takes the mind-numbing choices and tames them into something much more manageable.

The interactive buyer’s guides, written by sales professionals, are there to assist everyone in deciding what features and benefits are important, to assist in making the best decision within a product category.

The site is well designed, easy to navigate and does not overwhelm as some others do.  Have a look, shop for something, compare prices, and I think you’ll find as I did that will become a bookmark you’ll visit and shop at frequently.  Do your own comparisons and please let me know what you think of  I think you’ll like it!  Happy shopping.

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