DBEST Duo is a set of relatively inexpensive, good quality speakers that operate wired and wireless with just about any device. Ideally for small devices needing better than built-in sound, these are of surprising quality and punch.

They did not distort at highest sound pressure, but one could hear the strain.  At normal levels, sound is smooth as can be and quite pleasing.  No, they won’t blow away the listener with bone chilling sound.  These are only amplified to the tune of TWO watts. Still, when listening to one’s smartphone or laptop, these will be better than the phone, for sure, and may be better than what is in the laptop.


Featuring both stereo Bluetooth specs and wired capability there is nothing to which they cannot connect.

I have tried them with my iPhone and Mac laptop on a number of occasions spread out over a few months and never felt as if I was mistaken in my initial positive impressions.

Recharging easily via USB, the internal 600mAh Lithium Polymer batteries are fully topped off in 3-4 hours, yet deliver up to 20 hours wireless and 40 hours of use when wired to the source.  And they’re compact with dimensions of only 60mm x 55mm.

Their size makes them perfect companions for road warriors.  As the work desk, they are pleasing over the entire day’s use.  I found it easy to recharge every couple of days when used the full day. I simply plugged in via USB at night and they were charged fully well in advance of the next day.

Short and sweet, DBEST Duo Rechargeable Bluetooth Mini-Speakers are really nice for their size and price, found from about $50 to $70 online.

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