I’m sure hooked, on HD DVD, that is. The second-generation Toshiba HD-A20 High Definition DVD player brings 1080p (the highest high def) to consumers at an attractive retail price of only $499 (about $100 less if you search online).

So, what’s the skinny on this player?  For less money, users can still get 1080p output if their TV is equipped with the newest HDMI 1.3 technology to get the sharpest possible images and audio for home theater.  Not a bad price for terrific tech!

Toshiba HD DVD players bring a whole new dimension to the movie-watching experience with incredible new levels of interactivity through video in video capability. Some HD DVDs feature, for example, behind the scenes content and extras, allowing consumers to watch and listen to filmmakers explain their vision while the movie plays.  How cool is it that you don’t have to exit watching the movie to enter and access the menu area!  Only with HD DVD.

As an added bonus, you don’t have to forfeit your enjoyment of old DVDs because just like Toshiba’s other HD DVD players, this model plays all of your current DVDs!  And, it upscales regular DVDs to as high as 1080p resolution to produce a better picture than you get with your current DVD player.

So, why not spend more for the HD-XA2 or less for Toshiba’s HD-A2?  The XA2 uses a new chipset that provides sharper images, not dramatically sharper, than the A20 when watching in 1080p mode on a set that is HDMI 1.3-capable.  It is for purists (like me, for instance).

The A2 does not output 1080p and lacks the highest quality video processing of the XA2, but if the display you or a gift recipient has is not at this 1080p level, then why spend any extra on quality that just can’t experienced?

The HD-A20 is right in the middle with a 1080p output, but for less money and, as a gift for dad or grad, that part about less money makes it a sweeter deal.

Note, please the Toshiba does NOT include an HDMI cable in the box with this model. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on one.   Do as I did and buy one made by Cables Unlimited. They cost less and give you more.  Most users will want either a six-foot or two-meter length cable, which you will find online for about $10!  Sweeeeet deal!  Go to www.cablesunlimited.com and then search for HDMI to locate male-to-male.  Drill down to locate both English and metric lengths, even as long as 25 feet, copy the item number for the product and length you want and then Google it, finally clicking in the Google window on More, then Products in the drop-down menu. I know it may seem like lots of steps, but do it this way a few times and you’ll always do this to find the best prices, along with searching www.pricegrabber.com and www.nextag.com.

Toshiba is sweetening the deal, too.  From June 10 through June 16, 2007 consumers that purchase any Toshiba HD DVD player will receive a $100 in-store instant rebate.  For individuals seeking the complete home theater package, an HD DVD player can be purchased with any Toshiba 42″ (measured diagonally) or larger HDTV for a $200 in-store instant rebate.

If your grad or dad is a fan of the Matrix movies, there is more exciting news: The Complete Matrix Trilogy and The Ultimate Matrix Collection will be released by Warner Home Video in high definition only on HD DVD on May 22.  Now with HD DVD, it is possible to capture every detail of the movies’ high action sequences and special effects.

Toshiba continues to offer its well accepted five free HD DVD movie mail-in offer promotion.  Running through July 31, 2007, consumers who purchase any Toshiba HD DVD player can get five HD DVD titles for free. Consumers can choose the five free HD DVD movies from a selection of 15.  This offer is available in conjunction with the previously listed promotions and rebates – full offer details are available at www.toshibahddvd.com.

Get more info at www.tacp.com or call 1-800-631-3811.  Find a nearby retailer through www.tacp.toshiba.com.

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