I’ve not seen any Contigo products I’ve not liked, but their AUTOSPOUT Addison, retailing at $13, has become my favorite, and may well become yours.

Whereas the other Contigo AUTOSEAL 100% leak-proof bottles are tip-type bottles – squeeze the release button, tip the bottle to drink, release the button to reseal the bottle – Addison is different. There is a straw and pop-up spout.  And it is still 100% leak-proof when closed.

Now, release the spout and draw the liquid through the straw.  Well, this changes everything.  It is more convenient whether driving or in any circumstances to not have to tip the bottle.

Made from the same Eastman Tritan BPA-free material and with characteristic Contigo design and build quality as Contigo recommended AUTOSEAL styles, Addison is my new favorite and that of others here at Gadget Central.  Recently found in a colorful three-pack at Costco for $20, these 24-ounce bottles are also quite economical.  If that deal is no longer in place, I found a three pack at amazon.com for about $30, with free shipping and possibly no tax, depending upon your location!  That’s still an excellent deal.

Unscrew the top and the straw is removable from its silicone keeper hole, yet it does not dislodge in use.  The pop-up spout closes under the “keeper” seen in the photo above.

The light colored button beneath the spout releases the pop-up straw made of soft, yet sturdy silicone.

The ONLY thing this and any other straw-type bottles do not do well is dispensing carbonated liquids.  The carbonation causes the liquid to auto erupt up the straw!  Other than that, for any cold beverage, Contigo Addison is the most enjoyable of the inexpensive water bottles I’ve seen or used.  Upper rack dishwasher safe, Addison is easy to clean.

Get one or more, as you will want to equip your family and friends with this super bottle.  Another quality product from my friends at Contigo!

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