As I prepare for next week’s International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, a package arrived today. Inside was a Contigo AUTOSEAL Stainless Steel Mug (info is at

Their claim is that this $20 (retail) product is leakproof, that is, it will not spill or leak, and that it will keep hot drinks hot for four hours and cold ones for 12.  I put it to a simple hot test this afternoon.  It was filled with water that had a surface temp of 188ºF.  Four hours forty-five minutes later the surface temp was measured at 122ºF.  That’s not exactly hot, but it is more than warm.  I was not able to measure the temperature at exactly the four-hour mark.  Temperatures were accurately measured using a Raytek MiniTemp infrared thermometer with digital display.  I’d say it passes the temp retention test.

Now on to the no-leak and no-spill claims. I like the unique one-handed operation and the positive seal.  It did not leak when tipped, nor when dropped on an indoor/outdoor almost non-existent pile carpeted surface from a distance of three feet.  I did not throw it around. Tipping it over repeatedly produced no leaks.  The seal held perfectly.  Shaking it vigorously did not cause a leak. Operation could not be esier.  Press the button as seen above to release the seal and drink from the opposite side out the top.  Release to re-seal.  That’s it.

The mug holds 16 ounces and fits all modern vehicle cup holders.  Some older cars with cup holders that barely accept a .5-liter water bottle will also have difficulty with this or any mug of this type we’ve seen.

Be sure to watch the demos!

My verdict?  It passed the test!  See their other AUTOSEAL products.  If you’re looking for a hot/cold leak proof mug that really is leak proof and spill proof, you’ve found your mug!

One of my daughters snagged it and just made it hers!  I’m sure she will enjoy it.

Find yours at retailers including Target, Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, QVC, Costco and online at

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