Contigo AUTOSEAL Hydration Bottles are just about perfect!  Read my review of the outstanding Contigo stainless steel mug for my thoughts on this product design and capability, then come back to read about their hydration bottles that are also perfect performers!

Simplicity of design and ease of use are the hallmarks of great products that consumers love to own and use.  Contigo used their excellent technology that created the leakproof hot beverage products in BPA-free (that’s the bad stuff in plastics) hydration bottles of differing capacities with the same outstanding, can’t-miss result.

I’ll let you figure out the environmental benefits of these infinitely reusable and dishwasher-safe bottles while I concentrate on their utilitarian value and benefits.  Available in an array of pleasing colors, they are also available in different sizes and configurations.

AUTOSEAL Hydration Bottles (Can’t we just call them water bottles and move on?  We all know they can be filled with anything from juice to liquor, too.) are made from industry-leading Eastman Titan™ Copolyester and ABS for impact resistance and overall durability.  Find them in 24-ounce capacity to fit most vehicle cup holders for a retail price of $13 and the larger, 32-ounce capacity for just $15.  Both sizes are equipped with a screw top that has a handle with a built-in carabiner clip so they are perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle.

As with all AUTOSEAL bottles, one hand is all it takes to operate them.  Held in the drinking position, just press the “magic” button to release the seal and drink.  Release the thumb and AUTOSEAL seals again, with NO leakage.  Perfect every time!

The AUTOSEAL Swish Water Bottle, a 17-ounce vessel made of the same Eastman material, which, by the way, retains no tastes or odors nor does it introduce any of its own, has a non-slip/non-skid bottom and the AUTOSEAL capability. As a bonus on this style/model, I like the little added gesture of a simple locking mechanism that prevents accidentally pressing the liquid release button.  A rotating ring around the outside of the bottle and located just below the top, permanently mounted to the bottle body, shows the lock and unlock position.  When engaged in the lock position, there is a plastic piece that prevents depressing the button that, when pressed on all of these bottles, permits the liquid to be dispensed.  In other words, when the lock is ON, the liquid cannot come out of the sipping hole in the lid.  Period.  So, this best MIG welder reviews and the style is ideal for packing away in bags or purses with NO possibility of leakage.  All this, for only $10, and also in several colors.

Check out their AUTOSEAL Kids Mug, a 9-ounce Eastman materials mug is just the right size for youngsters who are too old for sippy cups and not yet ready for a larger, heavier (when full) bottle.  Of course, this, too, is 100% leakproof and carries a suggested retail price of just $8.

Last up in the line is the AUTOSEAL Thermo Plastic Mug, a 14-ounce capacity double-wall insulated design for hot or cold beverages. The double-wall construction prevents outer wall condensation and sweating for a suggested price of $10.

Important to note is that ALL of these AUTOSEAL products, with the exception of the Swish Water Bottle, are easily, comfortably used with ONE HAND.  Swish Water Bottles have the locking mechanism that, when engaged, requires two hands to operate.  There are many sealing mugs that require extra effort or two hands to operate.  Why bother?

In summary, with such a seemingly perfect lineup of products that absolutely do as promised, and are priced right, why look elsewhere?  And the company continues to innovate with new products.

Give any of these Contigo products as gifts that will be used and appreciated for years to come.

Find Contigo products at Target or MIG welder reviews, Barnes & Noble, Bed, Bath & Beyond, QVC, Costco, Sears and online at  And, as always, check

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