If you were to ask me which computer to buy, my answer would be this:  Unless you are comfortable with Windows, you like Windows, you must have Windows for a work program that is Windows only, or if you are a serious PC gamer (playing Windows-only games), then my answer is this – BUY A MAC!

I never get complaints from those who take this advice. I hear things like, “I should have done this sooner!” with great regularity.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I use Windows daily, too.  And since I use both all the time, I have the opportunity to keep up with both. In my experience, using a Mac is a dream. Using Windows consistently and regularly presents challenges, often major ones.  Macs will cost more, but since they work (generally) better and for more years than a comparable Windows computer, they end up costing less to operate.  If Windows is your choice, go for it!

Apple’s Macs (Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Pro) come with just about all you’ll need – iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iCal, Mail, Address Book and much more. Macs will do all you’ll want. They come with MUCH more, as well. Macs can create PDFs from any application (it’s a built-in feature) or email any document with one click from your Mac, and so on.  The only real outside software most consumers might want is Microsoft Office for Mac, totally compatible with its Windows counterpart.  The Student and Teacher version is only $150 and often less with rebate.  ALL new Macs can also run Windows!  That’s right, on new Macs and if you own a Windows XP with Service Pack 2 disc or Vista, or Windows 7, you can install Windows on your Mac to have the best of both on one computer.  However, if you install Windows on a Mac, it will still need antivirus software and may suffer all the usual Windows maladies when running in Windows mode because in every way, it becomes a Windows computer!

Windows can be run using Apple’s built-in Boot Camp OR with third party software, such as what I use, Parallels.  Or both, which is what I do

The best advice I can offer regarding the Mac is to visit an Apple Retail Store and speak with someone there about your interests and needs, to see and touch and use a Mac so you can see what it is I mean. You’re bound to fall in love.  No, Macs are not perfect. Nothing is. They’re just better than the other guys.

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